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How Septic Tanks Are Better For The Environment

Unless you live directly in a city, then it’s likely you’ll need to have a septic tank installed in your home. While this may seem like a lot of work upfront, the truth is that a septic tank can be both beneficial to you and the environment. In fact, septic tanks are better for the environment than traditional city sewer systems for many different reasons.

They Don’t Require Chemicals

A septic system is based on an all-natural process. Unlike commercial waste treatment plants, you don’t need to utilize chemicals with your septic tank. The bacteria naturally found in the soil environment works to break down your waste. This makes the waste completely safe for the environment instead of making it harmful.

Require Less Materials and Maintenance

When you have a septic tank installed at your home, you can expect it to last for a good 40 years. The only real upkeep you need to do to the tank is to have it pumped. This should be scheduled every three to five years. Unlike city sewer systems, you won’t need to use chemicals, replace lines, or anything else that wastes time and energy.

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Naturally Replenish Water Tables

When you flush your toilet or clean your dishes, the water is drained into your septic system. Throughout this system, loose water can easily seep through to the surface drain outlets that return it to the ground. Only the solids are flushed entirely down to the septic tank for long-term keeping. This means that when you utilize a septic system, you’re naturally working to replenish the water tables.

Less Risk of Contamination

As we discussed above, waste can be harmful to the environment when not properly broken down. When you have your only septic tank installed, any problem with your system only affects your home. When you rely on a city sewer system, any problem could cause potential harm to a larger span of an area. Instead of just contaminating your property, a city sewer problem could end up contaminating multiple properties.

Hopefully, you’ve learned a lot about how septic tanks can be more beneficial to the environment than traditional city sewer systems. With the necessity for more and more improvement to live cleaner lives, installing a septic tank can be a great first step to get there. Apart from environmental advantages, you should also look into the economic, low maintenance, and long-lasting advantages that septic tanks hold over traditional city sewer systems.


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