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How Technology Can Capture Thiefs

There are a number of ways in which modern technology can help us keep our homes and businesses more secure than ever. You might think that burglar alarms are essentially the same as they were 20 years ago but there have been some major changes which help stop the bad guys getting such an easy time of it.

Heat Detection

This sounds a bit like something out of a spy movie, but there is no doubt there heat detection is now a valid option for homeowners and small business owners. In fact, this is one of the best ways of locating intruders and is incredibly reliable. The system can also be fine tuned to make sure that a hungry pooch who wanders over to his food bowl during the night doesn’t set it off.

Vibration Detectors

Another useful type of security measure is the one which detects whether a fence is being shaken by someone trying to gain access to the property. This might seem like a bit of a low tech idea but the technology behind it is actually quite impressive, which explains the incredibly low false alarm rate on the best models.

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Better Reliability

What if my security system fails? This used to be one of the big worries of owners of expensive properties or businesses with a lot of valuable goods in them. In real terms, this is far less likely to happen now. Dual signalling and broadband monitoring are a couple of phrases which might not mean an awful lot to you but they have been crucial in making sure that the false alarm rate is lowered and that the real cases of emergency are detected all the time. If you have an older type of burglar alarm then there is a reasonable chance that you have had hassle with it in the past due to false alarms. Over time this can lead a situation like in the story about the boy who cried wolf. Property owners can become complacent when they hear their alarm going off, as they imagine that it is just another false alarm. However, things are completely different if you are 100% sure that any warning is for real.

Advanced Warnings

The days of a clanging klaxon are long gone. The best type of modern technology will silently advise of the presence of the thief right away and let the people who need to know act on this information. This way the intruder doesn’t even know that he has been rumbled until it is too late. This is actually a vital issue, as with the old fashioned method the criminal could simply hear the bells going off and run away before the police could arrive. There is now more chance of him not only being detected but also being caught as well. In the long run this has got to be good for society as a whole, as the long arm of modern technology helps to capture more of the thieves who would have gotten away with it in the past.

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