How To Add Some Storage Space To Your Motorcycle

How To Add Some Storage Space To Your Motorcycle

How To Add Some Storage Space To Your Motorcycle

There’s nothing like taking off on your motorcycle to destinations either known or unknown. Whether you are planning a short trip or a long journey you’ll want to have one of the many motorcycle bags on the market to keep your important items handy and safe. Cycle bags come in many different varieties and they are made to fit most bikes universally. There are a few though that are made specifically for certain motorcycles. Where you want to mount your luggage is going to determine which type of bag you’ll need to purchase.

If you want to mount your luggage on your gas tank then you’ll need to use a tank bag. If you want to mount it on your seat then you’ll need either a seat bag or a tail bag. If you’d prefer to mount it on the rear of your bike then a tail bag is what you’ll want. If you have a luggage rack on the rear of your bike then you’ll need a top case, trunk, or tail bag. If your bike has a sissy bar or backrest then a sissy bar bag is what you’ll need. And, if you want your luggage at your side, then a saddlebag will be the perfect choice.

A tank bag comes in many sizes and is a convenient way to carry your essentials close at hand. You can anything from your sunglasses and rain suits to a complete change of clothes at your fingertips. Seat bags will take the place of a passenger by being mounted where they would usually sit. Tail bags can be mounted to the rear of your bike using bungee cords or straps. They attach easily to either your seat or luggage rack. A motorcycle trunk allows you to carry more stuff and is perfect for longer trips. They, too, can be mounted on the seat or on a luggage rack. They do come in smaller sizes if you don’t plan on carrying several changes of clothes with you. A top case functions like a trunk. It attaches to your luggage rack with the included mounting plate. The smaller sissy bar bags can be mounted right on your sissy bar. The larger ones have an attachment that allows you to slip it over the sissy bar to rest on your seat. Installation of the sissy bar bag is very easy. With saddlebags you have a choice as to how to mount them. You can either throw them over your seat or you can hard mount them by bolting them directly to your bike. It’s recommended that you use saddlebag guards for better support.

There you have it, now you can find the right motorcycle bags for your ride. With all the different styles and designs available you can travel longer distances on your bike and not leave anything behind. The open road is calling.

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