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5 Easy and Inexpensive Ways to Add Value to Your Home
Whether you’re planning on putting your house on the market or just want to improve your home but can’t afford renovations, there are small steps you can take to do both. This article will share some easy tips that will help upgrade your home without downsizing your budget.

1) The Big Clean
Too much clutter is a common problem for many unsatisfied homeowners. The truth is, we often hold on to things we don’t need and there is usually not enough space. And anyone with kids knows that things can pile up in a matter of a day. One of the best things you can do to make your home look more attractive is to go through every room, drawer and closet and either throw or give away anything you don’t use or wear. You’ll be surprised how a big cleaning can open up a home and makes it instantly more welcoming.

2) Go Yard
One of the most telling parts of a home is the yard. Let’s face it, you enter a home after seeing the rusty tricycle on its side in a bush full of weeds and you’re mind is halfway made up. You don’t need to be featured in better homes and gardens but clean up the yard and explore inexpensive ways to improve the look. Mulch is not that expensive and a great way to landscape your yard with attractive plants and shrubs.

3.) Paint and Numbers
A fresh coat of paint can transform a home. After you de-clutter, keep everything out and paint inside and out. Make sure you choose colors that work well with each other. You want colors that you like and make you feel good but if you’re trying to sell, you need to keep future buyers in mind. The lime green in the kitchen may not be for everyone.

4.) Find a Better Outlet
A real easy way to ether modernize or make your house look more upscale is to replace the outlet and light switch covers with something more intricate or fashionable. You can go old fashioned or give it a more state of the art look. Either way, done correctly it can add a real distinguished touch to each room.

5.) Light it Up
Lamps, ceiling lights and other added lighting will really make a dreary room look more inviting and interesting. Lamps are an especially great way to keep a home looking cozy and warm. Add in a few plants and you’re home will instantly look more beautiful and sophisticated.

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