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Many of us are looking for new ways to add value to our properties and homes. One of the best ways of adding value to a property is to extend it, but this is often a long, messy, and expensive process. However, there is a cheap, quick way that often requires no planning permission.

It is fairly straightforward to build a log cabin on your property in a single weekend. By using a log cabin kit the building can be constructive easily and often without planning permission.

Log cabins can be used for a variety of uses. These include summerhouses, pool houses, offices, studios, garages, play rooms for the kids, workshops, additional bedrooms, and much more.

The best log cabin kits are built from woods sourced from renewable forests. A cabin with twin walls has a cavity which can be filled with the insulation material of your choice making the building perfect for year-round use, and very energy efficient. Most cabins come with double glazed windows and doors, making them great for summer and winter use.

The cabin kits are designed to be assembled easily. They are made at mills using the latest CNC technology and are easy to assemble, which means the timbers are cut perfectly. Full instructions are provided making the kit easy to assemble. Typically two people can assemble a small to medium-size cabin in only a single weekend. The only tools required are screwdrivers, hammers, and a utility knife to cut some trim.

In the UK, and in many other countries, we do not need planning permission to build a log cabin. In the UK a log cabin with a height of less than 2.5 m can be built almost anywhere on your property without the need of planning permission.

If you have enough space on your property you can add more than one cabin, which not only is very functional but looks great. Cabins can be finished in a variety of ways. Using wood preservative gives a more natural feel, whilst painting the word gives a vintage or retro look.

A log cabin kit costs as little as $2,000 or $3,000 or pounds, and yet can add $10,000 or pounds to the value of your property. Considering the no bricks, concrete or mortar is used in the construction of a cabin, almost no mess is made. The building can be put together in only a weekend, or a week for something as large as a house. Without the need for planning permission you can order a cabin, have it delivered within a week, and have the building ready for the full use in just another week.

If you care for your log cabin properly it will last a lifetime.

This article was written by Oliver Cortney of Cooper Log Cabins, the leading supplier of log cabins in Scotland and Northern Ireland.  They have decades of experience in designing, supplying and constructing wooden buildings across the UK.  Almost all of their cabins are delivered for free across the UK.