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There’s no denying that break ups are devastating and when it comes to ending a marriage it can be a very upsetting time for everyone, especially if children are also involved. With the anger, confusion and frustration that comes with a break up, the thought of then starting divorce proceedings can be distressing. There have been recent stories of people organising their own divorce, but even if the split is amicable having the support of a good solicitor can really help.

Choosing divorce solicitors

Choose divorce solicitors with a detailed knowledge of family law or who have a dedicated team or department that specialises in divorce. This way, your solicitor will understand what you are going through and will help you focus past the emotion and secure the divorce settlement that works best for you. Experienced divorce solicitors will be quicker to grab the issues that affect your case, helping you to speed up the whole process and make it easier on you at such an emotional time.

Legal process

Your solicitor will have a detailed knowledge of the legal process where you probably will not, so do listen to any advice and take the support they give. They will help translate the legal jargon and red tape, making the divorce process easier for you to understand and work through. And at such a confusing time it is always reassuring to have someone on hand to answer even the silliest of questions.

Communication is key

As a rule, most messy divorces happen because they lack good communication between the two parties, so it helps to be up front and honest throughout the process. Divorce solicitors can open up communication channels and will confer with your partner and their lawyer on your behalf if you prefer. However amicable the choice to end a marriage has been, unexpected areas such as issues over custody of children can get heated, and at times like this your solicitor can help mediate and move things forward.

Aside from the obvious legal support, it can be a great relief to have someone on your side, fighting your corner and having your best interests at heart. For those people who are struggling emotionally and just want the whole situation to be over, a good solicitor will always remain neutral, see things clearly and be focused on getting you the outcome you want as painlessly and hassle free as possible.

Written by Jane Jenkins, a retired divorce solicitor who enjoys giving advice to families on relationships.