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Becoming a top developer for WordPress is a very hard work. It takes a lot of time, determination and energy to become a successful developer. Being one of the best is hard and statistically, there are several odds against that one needs to overcome. Most people think that by installing WordPress, customizing a few themes as learning a few things from few tutorials makes them good WordPress developer, but that is a complete incorrect thinking. A top developer is far beyond the basics and pushes the boundaries already set. These developers innovate, contribute to the community and demonstrate the mastery in the work they do. An expert is simply a person knowing more than the average about WordPress, but the best is only the top developer.

How To Become A WordPress Developer

Why Become a WordPress Developer?

Normal is overrated and “average” is already present in life. So why is a developer of WordPress? A few reasons to be one are:

  • Demand for WordPress development is very high and clients are willing to pay anything to the top developers. The best in the field can make most money. WordPress development in Vancouver is quite common. Business with websites and individual bloggers are always seeking for good developers, so the demand is always high.
  • When you are at the top of web development you get the best clients. A developer with excellent skills in this domain has the freedom to choose his clients, say no to anyone he prefers and yes to anyone he likes. Flexibility is choosing clients are something that only top developers can achieve.
  • A top developer means influence, responsibility and capability to shape the future of a website and WordPress.

No Shortcuts to Learning

There is no alternate to sacrifice, hard work and commitment. Reaching the top is not easy and takes time. Knowledge and learning is the main source for improvement. Any person with interest in the field of development should allot at least an hour of thorough reading. By reading more and more on this area, they would increase their knowledge, learn new things and keep updated with the latest trend. Mastering WordPress will take some time. Start with an hour of undistracted reading, do it every day. With the passing of time, the results will be visible in the work. If a person is willing to put time and effort then there are so many resources available that learning becomes easy. Anyone can jumpstart but a learned person can only deliver worthwhile results.

Understand the Technology

Knowing certain skills is very important in this field. If a person lacks knowledge in the details of a technology, he can always learn. There are few things that can help along the way. Learn PHP, MySQL, Codebase, Ajax, WordPress API’s etc. Try joining discussion “make WordPress”. A good way of understanding technology is by understanding these codes, taking part in active discussions and doing the homework of everything learnt in a very committed environment.

Author Bio: Garry works for a reputed web development company. He is known for WordPress development in Vancouver. He loves his job and shares important suggestions about developing with people of similar interest.