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1351772107_451674982_3-ORiginal-Rolex-Oyster-perpetual-Cosmograph-Daytona-for-sale-market-value-45-lakh-Jewelry-Watches[1]The decision to sell a Rolex watch shouldn’t be taken lightly because it is a valuable asset that is worth thousands of pounds. When selling a rare Rolex watch, it could be worth tens of thousands of pounds. In fact, incredibly rare Rolexes are usually worth more than £100,000. Before selling a Rolex watch, it can become even more valuable by doing the following:

Have a serial number confirmed

A serial number is usually situated on every genuine Rolex watch under the 3 o’clock position but can differ in earlier models. When its owner can say with absolute certainty what their serial number is, its authenticity won’t be doubted at all. If a serial number is heavily scratched, ask an official Rolex dealer to confirm what it is. Consequently, its owner will know what their serial number is and won’t have to guess because it is 100% correct.

Get a Certificate of Authenticity

An important document, a Certificate of Authenticity proves that a Rolex watch isn’t fake. Although its serial number can be checked to determine a Rolex’s authenticity, having this document does save a lot of hassle, especially as it proves straightaway that it is a genuine model. If its owner has lost this document, they can request a copy from an official Rolex dealer, such as a jeweller. As it doesn’t cost a lot of money or take a long time to have this document reissued, it won’t be a massive inconvenience. By providing a Certificate of Authenticity when a Rolex watch is being sold, a higher figure could be paid for it. This is because its new owner won’t have to get this document themselves.

Have a Rolex watch serviced

Although it can cost hundreds of pounds to have a Rolex watch serviced, it is worth every penny. When a Rolex watch hasn’t been serviced in a while, it could have an underlying fault. Whilst it is being serviced, any faulty parts in a Rolex watch can be replaced. When specified on an internet auction site listing that a Rolex watch has recently been serviced, there can be far more interest in it because it won’t be faulty. In fact, a Rolex watch will probably sell for a much higher figure and could be far more than what its owner thought they’d get.

Buy an original box

As well as providing a Certificate of Authenticity, the owner of a Rolex watch should also include an original box. When an original Rolex box is provided with a watch, it can then be bought as a gift for a loved one. As with comic book figurines, having an original box does increase a Rolex watch’s value. When wanting to sell a Rolex watch that’s very rare, its value can rise considerably if an original box is provided. As an original box can be bought on EBay and with many sellers offering a Next Day delivery service, it won’t take a long time to buy it.