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How To Build A Successful Career In Hotel ManagementTourism is a boom industry, even in these times of economic uncertainty. In 2012, the worldwide tourist market grew by 4% on the previous year’s figures and generated revenue figures in excess of $1.07 trillion. If you’re keen to be part of this growing business, how do you get your career started?

Managing a Successful Career Path

A career in hotel management is demanding but rewarding. If you are interested in providing world-class levels of customer service, take pride in maintaining the highest standards of professional development and relish the challenge of living and working in different locations around the world, a career in hotel management could be for you.

Europe is the world’s largest tourist destination, with 43% of all tourism revenue generated in this region alone. No wonder, then, that some of the world’s leading hotel chains were first established here. Discerning travellers demand the very finest standards, both of accommodation and service and the hotels that provide this naturally insist on their staff being trained to the highest levels. In order to learn the necessary skills for this exacting career, perhaps the most effective way is to enrol at a Swiss hotel management school.

Swiss Efficiency and Courtesy

Switzerland has a reputation for cleanliness, politeness and efficiency. This is exemplified in its infrastructure and transportation systems, as well as in the minutiae of its watch-making industry. It is this spirit of organisation combined with a love of functionality that enables the Swiss to offer some of the best hotel management training courses in the world. Enrolling at a Swiss hotel management school can give your career the best possible start.

What the Training Involves

Training to be a hotel manager involves far more than managing staff. Hotel managers need to develop skills which enable them to oversee all aspects of running a hotel, whether it’s a large multi-national or an independent boutique establishment. This can encompass housekeeping to ensure that all the hotel’s linen is clean and available when it’s needed, general maintenance for those times when repairs are needed, as they inevitably will be, budget management and, vital in this day and age, marketing and promotion.

How To Build A Successful Career In Hotel ManagementStrong business skills are essential, as are the qualities of tact and diplomacy. Good communication skills, which enable you to speak to people from all walks of life, are vital. An effective hotel manager thinks on their feet and solves problems quickly. A well-run training course will give the potential hotel manager the confidence to recognise his own skills and build effective strategies for overcoming any problems that occur, however large or small. The ultimate responsibility of the hotel manager is to ensure his or her guests enjoy a comfortable and stress-free visit.

Combining all these skills and responsibilities can be overwhelming, which is why you should consider undertaking a course at a reputed Swiss hotel management school. The training you receive at such an establishment will give you the necessary requirements to forge a successful career.

Maria John writes regularly on the hospitality industry for a range of travel websites and blogs. She has many years’ experience in the hotel industry, having trained at a reputed Swiss hotel management school before moving on to hold management positions at prestigious hotels around the world.