How To Buy A Guitar

The music store can be quite a place to enter, especially if you are a novice going in for a new electric or bass guitar. People love showing their talent in the music store and perform all sorts of little riffs and licks to show off to one and other on both the electric and bass guitar. For those starting off this can be a little much, however ignore it and concentrate on buying your guitar and for the lowest cost possible.

Set it up

When you set it up do so as you would at home. When we say this we mean pick a guitar you are intending on buying and ask the sales person for a seat and a plec, though it is preferable you bring your own. Then plug it into an amp like the one you have in your home. There’s no point plugging it into something larger than you have as you won’t get a real understanding of the sound it makes. Also, don’t use effects as this will take your eye off the ball when buying.

Just like Home

Remember just as you’ve set it up as you would at home, you should also play it in a similar fashion at the same volume as you would. Make sure to strum hard and keep an ear out for the sustain as well as issues with buzzing. If you can’t hear as there are other people playing ask them is there a quiet place for you to go to and try out the electric or the bass guitar. If they frown at you for playing too loud, then you know they know little about guitars and this may not be the place to buy your new electric or bass guitar from.

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Be Yourself

As the poem goes, though others around you may be losing their heads and banging out Stairway to Heaven and some Hendrix, just play as you would at home. Playing as you’re comfortable and you will get a true idea of what the guitar is like. Play each fret slowly and listen out for unwanted noises and buzzing and try all the pick-up combinations if you are playing an electric. This allows you to hear any potential problems in the guitar and is the most important step. Though, a guitar may look great, if it doesn’t play well then it’s just not good.

Time is of the Essence

Take a long time to choose, try as many as you can and ask questions. You should maybe even take notes and then go away, consider your options and come back. Make sure to note model numbers and prices and keep an eye on anything you may dislike about the guitar. After all many people buy guitars and end up having them for years on end – this can be very important to ensure you have picked the correct one. At the end of the day just thank the sales person and leave.

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