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Whether playing for fun or entering serious competition, maintaining and looking after your pool cue is essential to performing at optimum level. All too often across pool halls up and down the country can be seen agitated players throwing and slamming their cues on tables and floors, consider the pool cue as a musical instrument, would you do this to a guitar or violin? Here we look at the best ways to look after a pool cool to ensure performance is perfected.

Maintaining the Shaft

This is the area of your cue most sociptaple to damage. As pool tournaments and matches are more than often situated in venues where food and drink is available these factors can have an influence on how your cue performs during game play. For the smoothest stroke possible it is essential for the shaft to be free of any foreign dirt which may cause for a stuttering shot. Invest in a wax cleaner designed for snooker and pool cues and be sure to clean after each use. Along with correct storage this will ensure full match potential is achieved.


As cue’s range from rosewood to ebony, considerations have to made with regards to expansion. Storing in a location susceptible to heat will result in the cue expanding, leading to shape change which can have a dramatic effect on game play. Aluminum cases can provide both protection from heat and external damage to the cue’s surface. To ensure all precautionary measures have been met keep out of any well heated or under heated rooms. Finding the right area can be difficult, but an average heated room such as a bedroom or living room should be suitable.

The Tip

Not enough chalk, over chalking and dirt can have serious consequences on game play. The tip of the Pool Cue is vital to keep in top working condition as this feature allows you to add backspin, accuracy and the smoothness to the stroke. To keep in prime condition simply wipe with a damp cloth before and after a match. Again this will not only remove any unwanted dirt but add to your play. Depending on how much you participate in the sport will also determine how often the cue tip needs to be replaced.

The Long Run

When investing in a pool cue, it should be seen as an instrument which is going to serve you well (not something to throw in frustration when losing a match). The age old saying is that if you look after your cue, the cue will after you. So ensuring safe storage and the occasional wax is a small measure necessary to ensuring you win a few games.

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James Rankin has played pool at regional and national levels and works closely with cue makers to optimise performance.