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One of the biggest concerns when hiring a plumber is whether the fees they charge for the work is value for money. Unless you have an experienced eye it is not difficult for a dishonest plumber to overcharge you for the job to make a few extra pounds for himself. In which case there are a few general observations which will help you reason whether the cost of plumbing work is value for money.

Hire someone reputable
To be certain of hiring a reputable plumber to an agency as they have a list of trusted plumbers they know to be honest and reliable. And if the work is not up to scratch you can hold them accountable and possibly entitled to a refund.

Buy the plumbing material yourself
One of the ways that a plumber can pocket your money for nothing is the investment they make on the material. There is one of two ways they can do this; buy sub-standard equipment or purchase from a wholesaler and charge you retail prices. Therefore ask the plumber what materials you need and where he gets his materials from. Then you can either go and buy the equipment yourself or phone ahead and get a quote.

Check the plumbing work carefully after completion
Once the work has been completed there are a few things that need to be carefully observed whilst the plumber is still there. This includes a test running of whatever has been installed or repaired. Also check the fittings, especially in the case of water and gas piping, and look for signs of any leakage.

You would expect that the plumber will run these tests himself anyway, but request that you want to help him check the work to save having to call him back out again. Should problem occur shortly after the initial visit of the plumber you should also ask for assurances that the plumber will return to fix the problem at no extra cost.

Ask for a warranty
As a general rule plumbers will issue a written warranty that covers a five year period. Be very wary of any plumber that does not give you a guarantee. The issue of a warranty should be something you request from the plumber before you hire them so that you know you will be covered if problems do occur once the work is completed.

Consider what reasonable costs are
The majority of plumbing work you are ever likely to have is simple repair work and should not cost too much to repair. In fact, with a good DIY plumbing book common things like unplugging blockages and maintaining gutters will save you money by doing them yourself.

Leaks and changes of piping should really be carried out by a professional and although it is difficult for you to know how much the repairs are going to cost getting a few quotes and advice from three or four plumbers will give you a good idea of what you can expect to pay.

Trial work
If you have a big plumbing job that needs doing such as the installation of a drainage system in a new kitchen you want to be assured you are getting a plumber you can rely on and that won´t overcharge you for the work. In which case hire a plumber for a small affordable job and use it as a trial run.

Nobody likes to feel as though they have been cheated out of money simply because they have no knowledge of a specific area and are thus vulnerable to exploitation. Knowing something about how the industry works however will help you evaluate whether the plumbing works is value for money.

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