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How To Choose A Blazer To Wear With Jeans

“Smart Casual”

Now usually I am one who rails against the whole smart casual movement, thinking it to be something of a nonsense. However, it cannot be put any other way when talking about wearing a blazer with jeans. The whole point of the look is to portray a relaxed image, while also building in a sense of class and formality using the blazer.

Getting Started

The golden rule, as it always is when it comes to tailoring, is to have the jacket perfectly fitted. You do not need to visit the tailor to achieve this, as long as you know your measurements there are some brilliant casual blazers also available.

As you know the blazer will be a perfect fit, the choices of denim and upper layer will be down to you. One of the great ways to add a twist to this look is to pair a fitted blazer with more relaxed, borderline baggy jeans. This takes the look far towards the casual end of the spectrum, while going for more fitted, and darker wash jeans, will lend itself to a more polished style.

For the more relaxed look, you can also experiment with the colour of the blazer. I do not recommend anything that is exceedingly loud; however, there are a number of stylish blazers available in red and blue pastels.

The Purpose

There may be several occasions when you would wear a blazer with jeans, but we are going to focus on a night out. Try to keep away from button down shirts in these situations, as they can create too much of a formal, “stiff” type of look that frankly is not going to do anything for your overall appearance.

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Instead, go for a fitted t-shirt from a brand such as Fred Perry or Lacoste, or try a photo print t-shirt from a high street retailer. When not wearing a t-shirt designed to be fitted, try to aim for an almost baggy, super relaxed sort of style, particularly around the collar.

Rules of the Blazer

The blazer should be unbuttoned at all times, and only under extreme circumstances, such as heavy winds or the need to run somewhere, should you button it up. Even then, the buttoning should be limited to one only, and no more.


Keep the shoes casual, with stylish plimsolls generally your safest bet here. Trainers are a big no and formal dress shoes are pointless, you might as well have left your jeans in the wardrobe and worn your full suit if you are going to do that!

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