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How To Choose A TV For Your Home

Today’s TV industy is booming, with new models and screen sizes available almost every day, so with the almost over whelming supply of reviews and comparisons, what do you really ned to know to make a true choice as to which you should buy in the new year sales!

Before we start the analysis, we should come clean and say if you can afford it, buy the led screen for your Big TV needs, the all new led screens are remarkable and the HD imagery is exceptional. But to know more about how led, lcd and plasma screens work read on!


LED screens use light emitting diodes (LEDs) to illuminate the display screen of you TV. LED backlighting has become increasingly more common in the last few years. A super-thin HDTV is not just a show piece in your living room, but it’s easier to mount on your wall and it can be more suitably arranged, displayed, or hidden as part of your home theatre setup. When it comes to energy efficiency LED screens win hands own and can use up to 3x less energy that plasma screens.

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In an LCD HD TV, however, the liquid crystals in the screen doesn’t illuminate, and requires a separate light source. This is where the key difference between a “normal” LCD screens (also known as CCFL-backlit LCD) and LED-backlit LCD screens, commonly known as LED screens. A traditional LCD HD TV uses cold cathode fluorescent lights (CCFLs) to illuminate the actual screen. CCFLs are very close to in similarity to the fluorescent lights you use in regular lamps and overhead strip lighting. They use a charged gas to produce the light required.

Plasma Screens

In a plasma HDTV, the phosphors that make the image appear on the screen light up by themself, and don’t require any kind of backlighting. Plasma HDTVs don’t get quite as bright as the others, the various colour and black levels usually make up for it. Plasma screens can be costly on electricity and as we’ve mentioned above, can cost up to 3x as much, which if you watch a lot of TV…can be pricey!

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