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Choosing a security company for an event or show that you are organizing may seem like a trivial task but is actually something that should be given considerable thought. After all if security is needed, it means there is a chance of someone getting hurt or worse, and you need people who have the knowledge of how to handle and react to specific situations. So how do you select a security company you can trust?

Look for a company that offers the services you require and if possible is a specialist in that field. A home security company is not the same as an event security company or personal bodyguard service.

Ask for referrals. Speak to people who have used the company in question before for a similar purpose and ask general questions like how did they perform at the event? Were there any problems and how did they handle them? Would you use them again? If the company refuses to give any referrals then it is probably best to walk away.

Just having visible security staff at an event is good, but do they perform any other duties that may be helpful? This could include patrolling certain areas in a particular way, preventative measures for any disturbances or violence. Also ask why are they better than other security companies?

Cost is going to be an important factor in deciding which security firm to use, but shouldn’t be the ultimate decider. Choosing the most expensive doesn’t mean they will provide the best service for you, nor should you instantly go with the cheapest. If you have a budget then tell a few different companies what it is and find out what they will provide for that amount. Ask about contracts or any extra charges that may come up. Ensure that they will complete the duties required with no hidden costs.

The location of the event and the security company should ideally be close to each other. Unless its a major national event there is no need to have an event at one end of the company and have the security company transport personnel from the other.

Final check. Once you have asked most of these questions and found a security company you are happy to use, do a final check to confirm there are no misunderstandings. Its usually the simple questions that can cause issues later on. Do they provide their own equipment and uniform? How will they get to and from the event? And lastly ask to meet the person who will be in charge of your event. Get a feel of how well they seem to know their field. Gut instinct can be great judge of character, and as this is the person you will be dealing with, you need to trust them.

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Steve Hulmes is a professional blogger and aspiring stand-up comedian who has organised a number of comedy events. He writes here for event security company Sec Tech, about his personal experiences of liaising with event security companies.