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How To Choose The Perfect Door For Your GarageThe choice of your garage door can either make or break the entire aesthetic of your home. The wrong one could make your home appear to be old fashioned or it could be completely impractical. Here is a guide on how to choose the perfect door for your garage.


The material of your garage door is definitely one of the most important attributes when picking the perfect door for your property. But what materials are there to choose from?


Extremely pleasing to the eye. It adds a touch of class and modernity to your home with its soft-looking, yet has high-quality durable qualities. For a rot resistant, strong and beautiful garage door, choose cedar wood for the material of your door.

Classic Steel

Strong, sturdy and dent resistant, steel doors will endure in environments with adverse weather conditions. Tip: electric garage door openers add an air of luxury to these doors.

Fibre Glass

Rot proof and can mimic the aesthetic of a steel door/wooden door. Fibre glass is strong and perfect for use in coastal areas.


Light-weight, modern and sophisticated, aluminium doors come in a vast range of colours. As they are naturally rust free, they do not require much maintenance, but generally don’t offer as much insulation as the classic steel door.

Manual and Automatic

Once upon a time, an electric/automatic door on your garage was a feature reserved for the very rich. Now, however, electric garage door openers are becoming increasingly more popular, because this feature is incredibly reliable and convenient, as well as being more affordable than they have ever been before. A roll-up automatic door is an excellent space-saving solution as it doesn’t require any additional ‘swing-space’ to open – a great choice if you don’t have a big driveway or you have a lot of vehicles.

The manually-opened door is still cheaper than a garage with an automatic feature, therefore, if you are on a tight budget, this would be the option to go for. You’re not losing out on quality; in fact, some people prefer it, as there is no chance of a computer malfunction. The general aesthetic of a manual and electric door is the same, so no one will know the difference, until they come to open it.

Do You Need Windows in Your Door?

You can actually benefit from picking a garage door that includes windows, especially if you do spend a lot of time in your garage mending cars or creating new inventions! The garage will be well lit and usable, transforming it into something more than a storage room. From the outside-view, having windows certainly makes your home look more modern whilst adding a little bit of charm.


A good warranty says a lot about the product that you are purchasing – this will show the manufacturer’s confidence in the product.

The garage is an integral viewing point of your house, so make sure it is pleasant to look out. Make sure your garage door is practical, durable and stylish.


Adriana Frederick is a home design writer who has been writing for print and the web for over 10 years. She recommends using convenient electric garage door openers, as they certainly make her life easier.