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How To Choose The Perfect Villa In Orlando

There are many reasons why a villa is a great accommodation option for travellers in Orlando, Florida. Villas offer incredible luxury, more privacy and the ability to cook in a private kitchen. Amazingly, they can also be cheaper than hotels in the long run. Many visitors, although they have decided to stay in a luxury villa in Orlando, simply can’t make up their minds about which one will be best. Use these tips to choose the perfect villa in Orlando, Florida.

Set a Budget
The most important step in the entire process is to set a budget for your accommodations upfront. Keep in mind that with a villa, hidden expenses like resort fees are unlikely, and you will typically end up saving money in the long run. It is a smart idea to choose a budget before you begin looking at villas, as this can help you to stick to a certain price range from the beginning.

Choose a Location
Most visitors are unaware that Orlando itself is a large location. Picking a specific location for your villa can be challenging, but the best way to start is by deciding what attractions you are most interested in. For example, those who want to spend a significant portion of their trip at the Walt Disney World Resort should seek out villas within a short drive of the park. Other attractions you may want to stay close to include Universal Studios Orlando and the Orlando Watersports Complex.

Decide if a Pool is Necessary
One of the big reasons that travellers choose a private villa is to have a private pool during their stay. Each visitor will need to decide if a pool is necessary and whether they can afford one. Having a pool can be a great way to entertain children, cool off during a warm afternoon and avoid the crowds at local water parks and amusement parks. Thankfully, pools are very common in Orlando and most villas will have one for their guests to use.

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Choose the Top Amenities
Every guest will need to decide what the most important amenities are for their stay in an Orlando villa. For some individuals, having several rooms for their children to sleep separately will be the priority. For others, a spacious kitchen is ideal. Many travellers also look for outdoor living spaces so that they can dine al fresco and enjoy the beautiful climate in Florida.

Reviews and Guest Feedback
After narrowing down the options and choosing just a handful of Orlando villas, it is time to see what past guests thought of the accommodation. Ensure that the location you have in mind received rave reviews and that there were no unexpected costs after the fact.

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