How to Choose the Right Cleaner

A clean office is essential for success. The customers demand for it and your employees will love you for it. But the most important questions on everyone’s mind is: Who will clean your office?

One option: You can choose to outsource the cleaning responsibilities of your office to a local Commercial Cleaners Auckland or wherever your business is based. When you hire a commercial cleaner, the company will conduct the cleaning after-hours (or at regular intervals), and the commercial cleaners are responsible for tidying up, from cleaning the restrooms and vacuuming them, to restocking consumables and removing the trash.

Hiring commercial cleaners often has numerous benefits. Businesses now can avoid hiring an on-staff janitor, avoiding cleaning the facilities themselves. Plus, cleanliness is guaranteed; your office will also look tidy and professional.

As you look for Commercial Cleaning Service in Auckland or a city near you, what should you look for when you are hiring them.

Here are a few criteria your commercial cleaning company should meet:

  1. Reputation and Experience

Trust is very much necessary when hiring a such a service provider. The cleaners will be on your site, frequently and even after hours, after you and your employees have gone home for the day. How can you measure the trustworthiness of your commercial cleaners? Ask yourself these few questions:

  • How Established: Choose a company that’s well-established in your local area.
  • How Many Accounts:  Look for how many organisations they are working with
  • Are References Available: Also check from references from previously satisfied clients.
  1. Employee Training and Screening

Commercial cleaners take hiring employees seriously, hiring the most qualified and trustworthy employees. They provide the employees with training to ensure proper quality and safety.

Always ask about their employee training policies. In particular, be sure to understand:

  • Employee Training: Choose a commercial cleaner that trains its employees in several areas.
  • Employee Screening: Ask how the employees were screened, i.e., background checks, criminal record checks, etc.
  • Regularity: Choose small and medium scale companies with low turnover, and that will send the same employee(s) to your facility consistently.
  1. Services Offered

Are you in need of just a standard cleaning throughout the week? Or does your office have any special requirements? Always ensure that they provide the services you require.

Some standard cleaning services include:

  • Vacuuming, sweeping and mopping
  • Trash removable and recycling
  • Kitchenette and launderette cleaning
  • Stocking consumables, i.e., paper towels and hand soap
  • Bathroom cleaning
  • Dusting

Some commercial cleaners offer specialized services, as well. For example, floor waxing, carpet shampooing, seasonal disinfecting, or computer and hardware cleaning are shared services that not every cleaners offers.

  1. Types of Facilities Served

It is very important to choose a commercial cleaner that has worked in a facility similar to yours. Some companies specialize in just one type of facility, while others can help with cleaning most types of commercial properties. A few facilities which require special care:

  • Data centres
  • Day-care and childcare facilities
  • Medical office cleaning
  • Retail facility cleaning
  1. Bonded and Insured

Reputable cleaners are fully bonded and insured. And this is necessary as well; as the company will be responsible for any employee who is injured at your facility. Ask about credentials and business licensing as well.

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