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Dress or outfits that are used to cover the legs are called leggings. They are tight but comfortable and they embrace the legs and thighs perfectly.  They are suitable for all seasons, but usually it is more advantageous to use during winter since they can provide warmth for the legs.

As far as I know, fashion is very important to us since wearing a fashionable dress will make change the way we look. Whether you are just trying to have a collection of fashionable dress to wear, or this is the first time that you will wear leggings, it is very important that to choose a style or design that will suit your body physique.

Start Simple

If you don’t have any experience in choosing the right style of leggings for you, then it is advisable for you to start simple. Going for the best designs might confuse you because of all the colours, trends, and styles that is available today. In my opinion, it is much easier to start with neutral colours such as brown, grey and black.  You can also experiment with footless tights and see for yourself the one that suits you best. By starting with the basics, you can gradually come up with more attractive and adventurous design and patterns.

Choose the Leggings that Suits Your Body Physique

Leggings always come in different sizes and lengths and that’s why aside from choosing an appropriate style, you should also choose leggings that fit with your size and shape.  The most popular style of leggings is the ankle length leggings, but the trend changes as the season change.

For me, the best style that suits people who are tall and slim are the full length leggings since it will enhance the shape of their legs. For those who are short and don’t possess long legs, they should avoid full length leggings since this will make their legs wider. The most suitable design for them is the leggings that are cut off at the calves.

Choose the Right Colours

If you can’t decide what colours to choose, then it is better to settle for neutral ones since they can be paired with any colours.  However, you don’t have to limit yourself to neutral colours since there are many colours and patterns that is available that can further enhance your beauty.

You can have fun in experimenting with different colour combination. Once you get familiar with the pairing and matching of leggings with neutral colours, the next thing that you can do is to try the bloc bright colours, such as green and blue or if you want a more daring one then choose red.  The important thing is, always choose the colour that you are comfortable wearing with.

There are various styles and designs of leggings today and choosing one might be difficult for you and if you want to know more about the different styles of leggings please visit so that you can check the ice design leggings suitable for you.