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Goldfish just like any other pet need your attention to keep them healthy and strong. In fact some people think that owning goldfish is easy as you just need to buy them, put them in the tank and give them some food every now and then. But in reality goldfish are among the most fragile pets and if you want them to live a healthy and long life there are a few things you should do for them.

What Kind of Aquarium Do you want?

The first thing to do is to decide whether you want a cold water, marine or tropical aquarium, as according to the kind of aquarium you want you’ll need to buy the equipments that go with it in order to make your fish feel comfortable in the right environment. This decision is very important because if you choose a cold water aquarium for instance you can only buy cold water fish and if you add a tropical fish in it it will die.

Cold Water Aquarium

If you decide to have a cold fish aquarium you won’t have to heat the water for them to survive. In fact, you just need to buy a filter and to decorate the aquarium to make it look nice. Make sure you put some pebbles and gravel in the bottom of your aquarium to make it look more attractive but also because pebbles help the development of some bacteria that help breaking down waste materials.

Marine Aquarium

Marine aquarium is more demanding than cold aquarium as they require more equipments to make the fish feel as if they were in their natural environment. In fact, marine aquarium only contain species taken from the sea so they need saltwater and a water quality monitoring system. But the main advantage of having a marine aquarium is that the species look more spectacular.

Tropical Aquarium

Tropical fish also require more equipments than freshwater fish, in fact as those fish are from a tropical environment you need to equip your tank with a heating system for the survival of your tropical fish.


Maintaining your tank is very important for the health of your fish. In addition you should make sure that the tank is not foamy and that it contains good quality water. If your tank got foamy you need to replace the water as soon as possible. However, when changing the water make sure that you put your fish in a container that contains enough water at the right temperature. In fact, if you have a tropical aquarium make sure you put your fish in a container with some warm water while cleaning the tank, as they may die if you put them in cold water. If you want to find out more about how you can create a perfect environment for your fish you can search for a pet shop online and they will be able to answer all your questions. However, if you want to own goldfish for the first time it is highly recommended to get a cold water aquarium as it’s easier to maintain.

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Amy has kept fish for years, and works at a pet shop when she is not studying for her course in marine biology. She aspires to be caring for and studying fish much larger than those you would keep at home, as she has always loved sea life.