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Many people are not native to places with tropical climate and there are some consequences when they stay for more than a few days in these warm areas. As an example, they may find that a minor wound could heal longer and it sometimes explodes into a little volcano of puss. When it is infected, the wound could affect nearby veins and temporarily paralyzes a limb. The common advice is to keep our wounds clean with proper dressing, bacteria-preventing drugs, iodine and antiseptics. We should also remove dressing occasionally to check the condition and clean it if necessary.

In this case, it is important to avoid sea water, sun and sand. Excessive exposure to the elements could cause the wound to get worse. In any case, we should avoid filling our bodies with plenty of antibiotics. This could destroy the balance of our body. Parasites and bacteria could weaken our body and increases our dependence on medicines. In general, we should avoid using synthetic chemicals and it is a bad idea to start an experiment without consulting a trusted medical professional. Wounds typically heal slower in humid, tropical areas; especially if we are not native to the location.

Local swimming pool could be teeming with bacterial life and the local beach could be located near a hidden sewerage runoff. It is a bad idea to dip our wound into these organic soups, because bad microorganism could cause unwanted results. Bacteria thrive in warm location and this could cause our wound to fester. In some cases, tiny mosquito bite could develop into a puss volcano.

Local people are typically immune to bacteria in their environment, but foreigners; especially children and elderly could be seriously affected. Slow healing could also be caused by poor immunity.

How To Deal With Wound While We Are In Tropical Countries

In this case, it is a good idea to fill our belly with fresh vegetables and fruits. We could also pound our system with zinc and vitamin C. We should eat more food with good ingredients, such as turmeric, ginger and garlic. Alcohol can weaken our immune system, so we should reduce its consumption. In general, any common immune-building strategy should work and it could cause our wound to heal much faster.

In any case, we should avoid squeezing our wounds, because it could cause bad microorganism to enter healthy tissue underneath. This will escalate the condition and make the wound gets worse.

After a few cans of beer, it is more likely that we will have a road accident, especially if we ride a motorbike. The initial wound could look and feel negligible; but those scratches could develop to a puss bed. In this situation, we should immediately go to the nearest hospitals and get professional treatments. However, it is much better if we apply iodine and hydrogen peroxide immediately after we get scratch or small wounds.

The swelling should largely subside the next morning, if not, we should contact nearby doctors to get advices. Wounds we get in tropical countries shouldn’t worry us if we know how to treat it immediately.

Our water isn’t consisted only of oxygen and hydrogen atoms that form the famous H20 molecules. There also traces of potentially dangerous chemicals, such as calcium chloride, sodium bicarbonate, hexavalent chromium, magnesium sulphate, atrazine, chlorine and bisphenol A. Because water dissolves chemicals easily, it is nearly impossible to get pure water, unless in a closely controlled condition.

In fact, pure water could taste rather unpleasant and minerals actually provide some taste to our water. Unfortunately, toxins could cause many unwanted effects.

It is important for us to re-evaluate what we drink and eat. We may need to check minor details and make sure that we drink properly. As an example, we should make sure that the water we drink comes from trusted sources. Many treated chemicals contain perchlorate and it is a kind of chemical that’s used in fertilizers, bleach, explosive and fireworks. Because percholrate is used to treat hyperthyroidism, excessive intake could inhibit the functions of thyroid.

Thyroid is essential in maintaining immunity and metabolism. Fortunately, perchlorate can be removed from our body through normal excretion process.

Hexavalent chromium is another type of chemical that could affect our body. This substance could be found in multiple textile and metal factories. It is used in steel manufacturing process, anti-corrosive operations and various metal productions. Hexavalent chromium could leak into our water system and it has caused cancer on lab rats, especially stomach and gastrointestinal cancers.

Bisphenol A is another bad chemical that can enter our body through polluted water. It is used to produce epoxy resins and polycarbonate plastics. Bisphenol A can be found on many products such as sealants, dental filings, sports equipments, pipes, infant bottles and other things. We should make use that we use only high-quality food grade containers; especially if it is made from plastic-based materials. Bisphenol A can simulate the function of estrogens and cause hormonal imbalance.

Chlorine is a common substance we find in treated water. It is used due to one simple reason: Chlorine eradicated parasites and bacteria. Despite its function as an effective bacteria killer, we should be aware of its effect. If our water is loaded with chlorine, it may upset the floral balance in our guts. This could cause multiple digestion problems, decreased nutrient absorption and irritable bowel syndrome.

Atrazine is another chemical that could pollute our water. It is an organic herbicide that’s used for farming around the world, including some developed countries. Atrazine is both cheap and highly effective; which contribute to its popularity. Atrazine has profound effects on our body and many countries have banned its use. As an endocrine disruptor, atrazine could cause lower sperm count in men.

In women, atrazine could cause disrupted estrogen cycles and menstrual cycles. It should be noted that atrazine can be particularly potent. In fact, each living organism has a lethal limit before atrazine causes death. Although EPA sets a “safe limit”, consuming atrazine-contaminated water is never safe.

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