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Decorating a home is usually a very personal experience that requires a little planning and a lot of individuality. The interior of a house is often a statement of an individual’s personality; therefore people should feel free to add splashes of the colours they love. There are a number of clever and affordable ways to brighten up a room without overpowering visitors.

Neutral Colours
Planning the decoration of a living space should be thought of in the same way an artist thinks of the next creation. The room should be stripped bare and the walls should feature a relatively neutral main colour. Shades of magnolia and beige are ideal; they offend no one and provide a benign backdrop for confident swathes of colour to be added over time. Where possible, the shades that are used should complement each other and not clash. The most effective uses of colour in a room involve relatively small items and features. People should remember that too much colour can make a room feel much smaller than it actually is.

Use Wall Space Wisely
The walls of a room present the most significant opportunity to give a living space an identity of its own. Selecting one dominating wall for some colourful features is an effective way of brightening up a room. The use of a bright and vibrant wallpaper on a single wall can be an eye-catching feature that will instantly draw the gaze of visitors. The same effect can be achieved by hanging a rug or a large piece of wall-art on the wall; both look great but can also be used to cover unsightly cracks and blemishes in brick-work and plaster.

On A Budget
For those on a budget, there are always bargains to be struck at local markets and second-hand stores. The items of furniture found in such places can often look tired and decrepit. However, with just a few stencilled shapes, characters or stripes, they can be brightened up with the clever use of colour. Specialist paints and stencil sets can be purchased in most craft stores and offer people the chance to be artistic and playful with their designs.

Splashes of Colour
Everyday household objects provide several opportunities to liven up a room. The careful placement of brightly-coloured vases and ornaments can really stand out against more neutral backgrounds. For people with couches, chairs and sofas featuring neutral colours, the addition of colourful throws and cushions can be an effective way of brightening up the immediate area. Rugs and mats also stand out nicely when placed onto carpets and wooden flooring.

It is important that the decor in a home reflects a person’s tastes and preferences. One great way of adding a little individuality to a home is by including children in the design process. Kids often have great ideas and opinions on features such as wall decals and funky wall art. There is also the opportunity for children to get involved with the creation of arts and crafts for the home. Many people devote prominent space in their homes for fabrics, paper, ribbons and paint; items which, by themselves, add impressive swathes of colour to any living area.

What Is Best For You
There really is no right and wrong approach when it comes to decorating a home. However, the best way to ensure colour has impact in a room is by providing a relatively neutral background as a contrast for brightly-coloured household items. A home is any person’s most private space; fun and expression should go into making it a true reflection of the individual.

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