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Because of its many positive attributes and benefits, becoming a model is easily one of the most competitive professions out there (in fact; although considered primarily to be for women, modeling is a very competitive field for men as well). It can be a taxing lifestyle just getting to the point where you are even considered for auditions, not to mention having your face or body in a reputable magazine of high-fashion – or even on television. In fact, one of the first things you should do is get together a glamour model photography review, so that you can start obtaining advice on any amendments that need to be made to your collection to help you stand out in the industry. Even if you are going out for something like hand-modeling or catalog-fashion modeling, you must make sure you have everything in order to have a chance at beating out all the other hopefuls.

In the current age of website promotion and internet marketing, you might want to consider – in addition to a physical modeling portfolio that you can take along to meetings and potential shoots – erecting a website, where artists, photographers, publications and other industry members can review your glamour model photography results and possibly contact you for work. Among other things, this would give you a global reach and increase the number of opportunities you get to showcase your style. A good, professionally made portfolio, whether offline or online, is absolutely essential in the modeling world – above all other considerations.

Many people confuse the property of being classically “beautiful” as essential for modeling (often; it isn’t important at all!). More important is a suite of elements that all successful models possess, whether you personally consider them beautiful or not:

  • An excellent work ethic- This will enable you to work through down periods and rejections, as well as keep you ready to take advantage of any opportunity that comes by. This inevitably requires discipline, too; you can’t make a good hand foot model if you don’t take care of your feet, or a good fitness model if you like to eat but don’t like to work out regularly.
  • Professionalism- Building a reputation of lateness to shoots and interviews is not something you want, and models that aren’t punctual simply lose work to other starving candidates.

While being sure to keep your portfolio manageable (not too many pictures), feel free to use imaginative poses and pictures that can be outstanding; run them by a few people to get their thoughts on them before adding them in. Memorable shots can go a long way to helping you secure your modeling career.

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