How To Dress Well In The World Of Men’s Fashion

How To Dress Well In The World Of Men’s Fashion

To the average hapless male, the world of fashion can be a total minefield. If you’re feeling a bit left behind with shapeless old jeans and ancient baggy jumpers, it might be about time that you considered investing in some new clobber. As daunting as it may sound to the untrained eye, shopping for fashion, as oppose to necessity, is actually quite simple if you know what you’re looking for. Adding a few fashion staples to your wardrobe will make the process of trending up a whole lot easier and rejuvenating rather than replacing your clothes will also be pleasing to the pocket.

You can’t go wrong with a smart, well-fitting blazer. Blazers instantly transform an outfit, making you look smart whilst retaining an effortlessly cool air. A blazer can be worn with almost anything; jeans, chinos, t-shirt, shirt- just throw it on and marvel at the transformation!

A good pair of jeans is also a must for every man’s wardrobe. Like the blazer, jeans are extremely versatile and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. With so many cuts and washes available there is something to suit every man. If you are on the short or chunky side, opt for dark denim or black jeans in a slim cut. Dark jeans will streamline your figure and make your legs appear longer if you are short. If you are on the slim side, avoid loose fitting jeans that will swamp your figure. A skinny fit is the best shape for the svelte gentleman.

Every man needs a good, smart pair of shiny leather shoes. Ok, so they don’t have to be shiny, but smart leather shoes really are a must. Imagine, you’re all set for that hot date/important meeting/special event. You have your best (possibly only) suit dry cleaned and pressed to perfection, a crisp white shirt and hell, you’ve even thrown on a tie! You’re feeling good. Low and behold, a pair of scruffy old trainers poking out the bottom of your smartest strides. Ruined the illusion? It will RAVAGE your look. Good shoes are an investment. Yes, they may be pricy, but pick up a timeless style and you can guarantee they will last you for years.

Snap up these three fashion staples and the rest is easy. The clothes you already have in your wardrobe will instantly appear fresher, more stylish and current. All that’s left is to strike a pose!

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