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It is not surprising that a student will be tempted to live in an unhealthy lifestyle at medical school. There are so many things competing for their attention that students will soon realize that there aren’t enough minutes in a day. Time is in short support supply especially if you are still adjusting. It is very easy to lose track and fall back. With these factors and other things going on, it is easy for the pressure to mount. Throw these things into the mix and the last thing that you can worry about is eating healthy.

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Your diet is extremely important in coping well in medical school. Your mental and physical state is linked together, that is why it is very important to take care of each system. If you do forget to drink the required amount of water per day, it will have bad consequences not only to your health but also your academic performance. Your brain is 75-80% water and it needs the same element to maintain it in a healthy state. Systems in your body that is very thirsty for water can fail any time. Ability to deal with pressure and your attention level are the first to suffer if you do keep yourself dehydrated. This is headed to a vicious cycle.

Did you know that if green leafy vegetables compose a great part in your diet, it actually boosts your mental functions?

According to recent studies in aging, mental functions for people who have high vegetable content in their diet are more able to think clearly. Their mental functions are more properly maintained that people who have low green leafy vegetable content in their diet. This is a key advantage for you. Some of your classmates would just wolf down burgers for lunch and that’s that. Don’t go that route because they are more prone to have heart disease, cancer and obesity. A proper diet is better for your brain so that you’ll be able to think more clearly and competently. A healthy body equals a healthy mind which results to a better competitive edge in medical school.

Exercise is also very important. Exercising consistently goes a long way in managing your stress levels. Breathing heavily through exercise is a good way to oxygenate your brain and push your system to clean itself of stress. You will be able to think more clearly, effectively and overall be more productive.

By exercising and eating right, you are actually doing yourself a favor.

This guest post was written by Chris Walker, a writer of model personal statement examples for   Visit IvyResearch.Com if you’d like to apply to medical school.