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How To Effectively Screen Employees When Hiring

Employees are an important part to the success of any organization. As important as they are, you should ensure that effective methods and procedures are used in the process of selecting and hiring them. Whether you are recruiting top-level management teams, financial executives or even sales executives, you should give extensive and thoughtful consideration as an employer when making an offer for a job position in your organization. What steps should you follow when screening for good employees?

Verify Education Details

It can be a huge embarrassment when media and other people find out that top management employees in your company faked their education credentials. With degree fraud on the rise, you might think you are recruiting the employee with the best educational papers only to find they are fakes years after employment.

Recruitment procedures as well as verification of education details can be very demanding especially when you are looking at hundreds or even thousands of candidates. If you do not have the time to do this, do not go through the processes in a shoddy way. Hire a reputable recruitment agency to help you with the screening process.

Strictly Make a Follow-up on References

Most job applicants will supply references in their resumes. Even if they do, ensure that you request them to supply at least three references when sending in their application letters. When making a follow-up on these references, call up the company’s phone number found in the telephone directory or online to verify that the reference provided is real. Avoid using personal telephone numbers for references because they could link you to the applicants’ family member or friend.

Give Assessment Surveys

An assessment survey is a series of ordered questions and statements that are meant to assess attitudes, personal characteristics, behaviors and knowledge of the person it is administered to. Using these surveys when recruiting can help you discern the best employees from the best by judging from their core values as well as perceptions. The responses you got when conducting these surveys will help you choose those candidates that are likely to fit into your company’s culture and organization better.

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Screen Using Social Media

According to a 2009 survey by Harris Interactive, close to 45% of employers in the United States turn to social media when screening potential employees. About 35% of these employers decide to hire or not to basing on their findings from social media.

You can use social networking platforms to find out if candidates will represent your business or company in the right way or not. Social media is an effective resource to get to know the real personalities of the employees you are looking to add to your firm.

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