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How To Engage Your Fans Through Building A Great Fanpage

The best way to attract targeted visitors to your offering is through engaging your Facebook fans by building a great fanpage. You need to see your fanpage as your own on screen real estate property. Building the perfect fanpage involves making use of all available opportunities within Facebook itself.

There are a couple of main areas Facebook fanpage owners should focus their attention on to create a positive experience for their fans.

Getting Your Profile Picture To Work for You: Engaging Your Visitors Using Good Visuals on Your Profile Page

Be sure to provide engaging visuals on your profile page. You could even place a large image of around 180 x 540 pixels that would include any promotional banner together with your company logo.

Do not underestimate the power of your profile thumbnail. When posting news about your fanpage, the thumnail will be displayed next to your posts on other people’s fanpages, the moment you comment.

Making Use of Visual Branding: Facebook Provides The Tools Needed To Engage Your Fans Visually

Nothing can be quite as engaging as visuals, which is why making use of custom tabs may prove to be very effective with regards to visual branding. One thing to keep in mind is to avoid using flash. Apple devices do not support it.

You could easily utilize the free Facebook iFrame Apps when creating your custom tabs. In fact, iFramed pages are hosted on non Facebook servers and will result in a lot more likes from your many fans.

The Power of Networking: Linking to Other Networks Attracts Targeted Visitors

Several businesspeople lack the dedication needed to network with other Facebook fanpage owners and connecting with multiple social platforms such as Pinterest, Google Plus, etc. Doing so will help to funnel consumers from all over to your offering.

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Interact With Your Fans Using Contests: Provide Added Value Through Engaging Your Fans With Contests

One of the best ways to entice visitors to your fanpage to join is by offering coupons and contests. It could be a hefty discount on any of your products or services that may very well lead to an influx of visitors who will spread the word about your company. Here are some examples on what to offer: weekly specials, free delivery, coupons, buy one get one free.

Knowing Your Target Market: Targeting The Most Prominent Demographic Market on Facebook

Your content on your fanpage needs to target the proper demographic. Its been said that about 50% of Facebook users are from the younger generation who interestingly enough earn quite a good salary. This makes them the ideal target for now. But, demographics changes take place all the time, which is why it would be in your best interest to keep checking the latest demographic figures. Keep this in mind when building your fanpage.

If you decide to use Facebook’s advertising platform, the demographic you targ is also extremely important.  Since you are in effect going to buy Facebook fans, getting the most targeted ones is important.

Key Factors To Bear in Mind With Fan Pages: The Importance of Keeping Your Fans Engaged

When building your fan page it is like that piece of real estate property. You need to keep your fans engaged by making it easy for them to navigate your Facebook page.

Not only that, visual stimulation and providing valuable information that is worth sharing with their friends is what will help to engage your Facebook fans at all times. Always look for ways to make your offering even more attractive while keeping your content relevant.

The writer has been in the social media marketing arena for 5 years.  The client he has have all seen great returns by using tips like these to grow their business on Facebook.

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