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How To Entertain A Family During The Summer Holidays

School’s out and summer’s here; it’s a time to run riot and have a good time, basking in the warmth of the sweltering summer sun. However, there are plenty of other plans a young family can make to keep themselves entertained if the sun shines slightly too bright for their liking, and here are just a few ideas to be explored:

Take In A Show:
London’s West End features a multitude of shows for a younger audience including, but not limited to, ‘The Lion King’, ‘Shrek’, and ‘Wicked’ (for those who are familiar with ‘The Wizard of Oz’.) All these shows can be enjoyed by the entire family and include rousing musical numbers, stunning set designs, affordable prices and a day out like no other. There are many discounts available online and from ticket booths in London, so it’s important to research before committing to any plans.
A perfect choice for ‘walking’ is the Lake District situated up in Cumbria. The Lake District is a wonderfully cheaper alternative to travelling abroad. Even if money is not an issue, the Lake District features some of the most beautiful scenery in the entire country and includes many family activities such as hiking trails, cycling, rock-climbing as well as cruises across the serene lakes if the family includes younger children. There are various camp sites and hotels dotted around the area as well which will cater to young families and young children.
Art exhibitions and museums have been stuck with a rather ‘mundane and dull’ label by many but they are a great way to give younger children a sense of cultural significance. With many museums and art galleries, such as the National Gallery in London, being free-entry, they are a cheap option and there are often activities for younger children such as drawing lessons.
This is a great option because the family doesn’t need to leave the comfort of their own house except for the trip to the supermarket. There are a plethora of recipes out there and it’s always fun to mix-and-match. Children’s cook-books are a great place to start and they offer easy to challenging recipes ranging from cup-cakes to fully-blown meals. The cooking doesn’t need to be a home activity and many companies and organisations have cooking classes for families.
With the Olympics just around the corner, sports have never been so fashionable. Now is the perfect time for younger people to get into a new sport and there really are a rich variety of choices. Tennis is a good choice as it’s not traditionally male-orientated like Football, Cricket and Rugby; there are also more unique family sports such as Croquet which can be done in the back garden; this way, the family is able to have fun and keep fit all at the same time.
Sometimes the lure of the sunshine will be too much and if this is the case then heading down to the coast is a sure-fire way to ensure the kids are happy. The sun and sand will keep children entertained for hours and just remember to bring along the bucket and spade. Create a treasure-hunt, go searching for crabs and lobsters or indulge in a bout of fishing; the seaside caters to visitors of all ages.
The summer months are meant to be joyous and getting out of the house has many benefits for the entire family. It’s important to plan your days in advance and ensure that no matter what, everyone has a great time.

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