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How to finally find the perfect bra

Obsession with bras should not be restricted only to using it to seduce in the bedroom, but also in everyday appearance, so choosing the right bra is no less demanding than choosing new shoes.

‘Invest in underwear and everything will look good, it has already become a customary tip for women. If it is only easy to find the real, perfect bra! Here are some tips that could be helpful when you next visit the underwear shop. You’ll be surprised at how much practical advice should be thought of when buying and maintaining a bra, and you should definitely remember them!


  • Collaborate with sellers

If you are able to, shop for sexy lingerie in specialty stores. There you will be able to tell the sellers the certain types of bras you’re trying to find and they will surely help you in choosing the perfect one. They can measure you and help you navigate your way through the sea of brands and types.

  • Determine the exact number of your cup and straps around the torso

The larger the number of the strap, the greater the number of the bra cup, and most women, according to Huffington post, selects straps that are too big and do not even know their cup size.

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  • Shop bra by bra in small shops with lingerie

When you focus on the search for a bra, you should know that the more the shop is specialized and smaller; its offer is more precise. Large shops that have only a department with undergarments usually offer only bra cups from A to D. while specialty stores offer bra cups to N size. Many manufacturers do not focus on the fact that the female body has changed over the decades, and they still have not adjusted their bra cups, this is why they continue to offer limited numbers.

  • Hand wash you bras

Wash your bras after four to five wears. Wash your bras by hand and dry them in the air. Use a special soap to preserve the elasticity and especially watch out for the silk ones, they should first soak for about half an hour before washing them.

  • Invest in a bra that will serve you well and last you longer

The differences in price are truly enormous if we know that we can buy a bra for 1 dollar, and for 800 dollars. Price usually depends on the material and design, but already for 50 dollars you can buy a good bra.

Bras are a good investment because it can affect your overall appearance. Focus on a blend of comfort and the ability to emphasize your curves. If you have larger breasts, the bra you should better grip the breast and to your body to ensure that the breasts stay in place. If you have smaller breasts, the bra should emphasize them as much as possible.

What just came into vogue?

Bras with serrated parts, which first arrived in sex shops in the 70’s. Transparent lace bras and panties in vibrant colors are also modern. Celebrities that have already adopted the style of the seventies with deep bras and even deeper panties, those that reach all the way to the waist are Madonna, Victoria Beckham, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj.

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