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The Green Deal: Financing Improvements to Your Property

If you want to take advantage of the savings offered by the Government’s new energy-efficiency scheme, you’ll have had a survey of your property carried out by a certified Green Deal Assessor. The Assessor will have issued an Energy Performance Certificate indicating the current efficiency of your home or business, and recommended a series of suitable improvements to be made under the initiative. The next step is to find a Green Deal Provider to finance and arrange the work.

What is a Green Deal Provider?

A Green Deal Provider is a company which provides both the financing and planning for the implementation of approved measures. Acting on the recommendations of the Assessor who surveyed your property, the Provider offers a Green Deal Plan setting out the financial arrangements and directing a designated Installer who will perform the actual fitting of the improvements. The Provider could be a specialised and newly-formed company providing a complete “one stop shop” service, an existing company such as a bank which deals with one aspect of the provision whilst subcontracting the remaining tasks, or even just your existing energy provider. Once the approved measures have been taken, the Provider is also responsible for issuing warranties, receiving complaints and informing new bill payers after they move in. Property owners have a wide choice when it comes to Green Deal Providers, and it can be hard to make the right decision.

Finding a Green Deal Provider

As there are so many approved Providers, searching for the best fit can be a daunting prospect for home and business owners. It is important to remember that although your existing energy provider may be a Green Deal Provider, they are not necessarily the optimal choice. All of these companies must show that the amount you will be saving on your annual energy bill is greater than the repayments you will be making towards the loan, in order to ensure that you benefit financially from the arrangement. However, the right Provider for each individual property will offer a repayment plan tailored to you which features the cheapest finance and best reduces your net outgoings. Property owners wishing to save the most money possible will therefore want to shop around to ensure that they are getting the cheapest deal.

Saving money with the Green Deal

Finding the right Green Deal Provider is essential for anyone who wants to take advantage of this great new scheme and save the most money possible. With suitable advice, property owners will be able to find the best deal for them, move ahead with the desired improvements, and start making savings.

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Paul Jones is a passionate writer who takes great interest in the environment. He hopes that the Green Deal will help the UK reduce its carbon emissions.