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How to Find the Best Roller Derby Skates

You need to know how to buy and pick Roller Derby skates that are suitable for you so that you do not get hurt, blisters and bruises. You will get blisters and bruises when you get skates that are either too big or too small for you. You may also fall down or twist your foot causing an ankle injury if your skates do not fit well.

It is important to get skates that are appropriate for either indoor or outdoor use. This is because they are designed to grip and operate best on the surface that they are designed for.

How To Choose Roller Derby Skates

Most Roller Derby skates will have padding which makes them fit better. They will also provide better protection for your feet. If you opt for Roller Derby skates without padding, make sure that they fit snugly without pinching your feet. There are leather and synthetic options. Leather is more expensive, they last longer and it will take time before you break into them but once you do they are really comfortable because they tend to get stretchier with time and wear. Synthetic boots on the other hand fit the same even after some time though they tend to wear out faster compared to leather boots.

Roller Derby skates will be fancy depending on their use. Skates that are designed for leagues and competitions will likely have slightly more variations and features as compared to those that are for using around the rink for fun.

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Indoor Roller Derby skates tend to be lighter and have less traction since most indoor skating surfaces are smooth. Outdoor Roller Derby skates will be able to absorb impact better and have more traction.

Choose the hardness of the wheel depending on the speed, performance and feel that you are looking for in your skates. The hardness of the wheel is measured in durometers and hard wheels are 95A as compared to 74A on the A scale.

There is also the option of tall or short boots. Short boots are better for experienced roller derby skaters while tall ones are best for beginners as they provide better balance.

How To Choose The Right Size Of Roller Derby Skates

It is important to know your size so you can choose Roller Derby skates that will fit you well. If you are buying them physically then you should try them on and test them before you take them. If you are buying your skates online, then you should know your size or do a sizing test over the phone or online so that you make sure that you get those that will fit well. Sometimes different brands will have slight differences so you can use sizing charts to determine the right size. Speed skates or low cut boots only come in men’s sizes so for women you may have to buy a size lower to get the right size. High top skates will come in men’s and women’s sizes while children’s skates will be the same size as the size of shoes the child wears.

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