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One of the things we depend on most in daily life is transportation. If your car starts having problems, you probably want to get them fixed pronto. But if the local car service shop is closed, you may have to look for other repair options. Here are a few ideas that might help.

a wall of tools at a repair shop

Do It Yourself

If you know how to fix your car but normally prefer to take it into the shop, this may be the time to handle the repair yourself. Whatever parts you need, whether they are Ford Mustang parts or something else, you can ask the sales associate about your repair plan to get a second opinion. Or you may be able to transfer to the Service Department and ask a question or two to make sure your understanding of the repair is correct.

Hire a Technician

Another option for getting your car fixed when the shop is closed is to pay a local technician to do the work. This could be someone who works part-time as an auto mechanic or who is temporarily laid off or between jobs. Most likely he will be grateful for the work and charge you less than you would pay at a service shop. Ask friends and coworkers if they know anyone or check online at Craig’s List or similar ads to find a repair person who can help out.

Ask a Friend

Even if you know a friend who can fix cars, you may be hesitant to ask a favor. Offer payment in earnest and be willing to wait until the person has a convenient schedule opening. This might take a day or two, but it is better than having to find another service area that may be further away or cost far more. You also might have a relative who can recommend someone that could take a look at your vehicle. Get the word out on social media to try and find someone you know who can do the work or connect you to someone else who can.

Trade Services

If funds are tight, offer to swap services. In exchange for a mechanic handling your car repair, you could help with tax filings, provide childcare, or perform other valuable service that generally equals the value of your car repair. That way, no money changes hands and the transaction can be considered informal and mutually beneficial.

Don’t wait for the closed repair shop to reopen. Start asking around, and chances are good you might find a way to get the work done now.