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High gas prices are a big issue that a lot of people are having to face these days. One day the gas is dropping and the next it can be through the roof. So since there is no way to control the gas prices or to just stop using it all together, there are ways that you can get better gas mileage with performance parts.

Cold Air Intake System

The first thing that you can do is to add a cold air intake system with a new air filter that is designed for that system. Not only will it add a little bit more horsepower to your vehicle, it will also help on the miles per gallon that you car gets. It is a known fact that the hard your vehicle has to work to receive air, the harder it will run and more gas it will use. A cold air intake system will help get the vehicle the amount of air it needs to run smoother and easier to save your engine from working into overtime.

Performance Exhaust

The next thing that you can do is to upgrade your exhaust system to a performance exhaust. This is not known to give you better mpg right off the bat, but it will make your engine perform better which is overall a better investment for your vehicle. It will make the engine perform less work just like the cold air intake system.


The last thing that you can do to improve the miles per gallon that your vehicle gets is to add a programmer to the vehicle. There are a variety of programmers that you can add from $100- $600 depending on the different settings and options that are available. Most programmers now come with a economy setting that is made just to improve the gas mileage of your vehicle. Most people report gains in miles per gallon from anywhere from 2-6 mpg. Over time that is a substantial increase in savings for gas that will be worth the money that was spent on the programmer.

Improving your gas mileage is not a simple to task, but can be done with the products above. Yes you will have to spend some money in the beginning before you start to see the savings, but over time the savings will add up. These products will not only save you gas, but they will make your engine perform better and longer than it would stock.

Clark is a writer from Tennessee Speed Sport. You can check out their selection of parts or follow him on Twitter @wallshark84