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One of the most difficult things to do when it comes to beauty is making the hair grow fast and healthy. There is a great number of steps to follow if you want astonishing results and hairstyle of a beauty queen.

First, divest all split ends. Regular visit to a local salon could do you a lot of good. More so, if it should be done every 6-8 weeks. This will definitely make the hair look healthy and make it grow faster.

Changing the coloring trends is also another solution. Those reeling from hair coloring damage should make sure they have severed all their coloring habits. Once the hair has been dyed, it ends up dry and could break easily. You can wait until it’s grown to the desired length and then dyed to the hue of choice.

Another important factor when it comes to hair growth is paying attention to the overall body health. In case your diet is poor, the hair will be unhealthy and scrawny. You can go for food made up of veggies and fruits since they have more protein and vitamins.

Do not forget to brush your hair with the scalp stimulation. Any stimulation leads to greater flow of blood and it has already been proven as a superb way of speeding the hair growth process. It is very important to have the scalp massaged and conditioned even for two to five minutes. In addition, make sure you’ve brushed the hair using very soft bristles Don’t over do it! Once the hair has been brushed, the scalp ends up stimulated causing breakage. This pulls some of the healthy hair growing on your head ending up in quite a thin look.

Another important thing that should be done is putting away all flat irons and blow dryers. This is because of the potential heat damage. You could rather let air dry your hair. Or you can just go for a diffuser. In case you are sure you will end up flat ironing your hair, you can purchase a flat iron that has ceramic plates since they do not damage the hair that much. However, never use flat iron more than once a week.

Another solution to seek is adding extensions for your hair. Perhaps you can clip in the hair in a fringe. This is because a fringe helps a person to make a firm statement amidst bringing the much desired structure to the hair. Also, if you are looking for an image transition, it is an awesome option that doesn’t have risk factors in the mix for a full restyle.

Never brush your hair while wet. Rather brush it using fingers or a comb with wide teeth. When the hair is still wet the elasticity is at its best and could result in some breakage.

With these guidelines you can have a long hair in no time. By that time, you can always use extensions for your hair to get the glamorous look of a movie star.