How To Handle Cracked And Broken Tiles On Your Roof

How To Handle Cracked And Broken Tiles On Your Roof

Whether your roof tiles are cracked or they are completely broken, they should be immediately addressed. Why? It’s because once the rain appears, your roof might begin to leak. Good thing handling these problems by yourself is not impossible, especially when it concerns only a few tiles.

Ways on How to Fix Your Broken Roof Tiles

So, how do you actually manage this matter? Here are a few tips.

Use a ladder to avoid the further cracking of tiles.

Walking on roof tiles that are cracked may inflict greater damage. As a precaution, use a ladder that will help you reach through the cracks.

Check the cracked area and clean it first.

Making the cracked area free of any debris is an important starter. You would want the repair material to take complete effect after its application. If debris are still present, chances are the repair material will not bond to tile. Hence, the problem remains unresolved.

To clean the cracked area, you will need a toothbrush (or any fine-bristled brush), water and dish soap. Mix the soap and the water, then use the brush to remove the remaining dirt. Let dry. To be sure, leave it for 24 hours at most before applying the repair material.

Apply repair cement.

Plastic repair cements can be easily found in home-improvement stores and hardware. It is usually packed in a tube, while bigger sizes come in pint containers. Simply squeeze the repair cement to the cracked area, and push it further down the void with a spatula.

You may also try silicone caulk.

Same with the plastic repair cement, you just need to squeeze the silicone to the damaged area, and push it down to ensure that the crack is filled. This material is considered to be highly durable and long-lasting.

For completely broken tiles, replace it.

Replacement tiles are available in the market; you just have to find the one that matches your exact roof tile.

To replace, break the tiles further first until all its pieces are removed. If there are overlapping tiles surrounding it, carefully detach them with a trowel. Apply some repair cement and place the replacement tile on it. Put back the overlapping tiles you removed earlier. Press gently.

Minor cracks and broken tiles can definitely be handled. It is less costly – just a little bit more demanding of time and effort. However, should major repair be needed, contact your trusted and experienced roofing services so you can prevent further damage and bigger costs of repair.

Written by Enrich Construction, the best service for roofing in Columbia, MO.

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