How To Hardscape Your Yard This Summer

Most homeowners consider summer the perfect time to complete home maintenance tasks. From window repair in New York to appliance replacement in California, many families stick with obvious fixes. While these basic repairs may be necessary, they shouldn’t form the backbone of your summer maintenance plan.

Instead of wasting your time on indoor fixes, spend time outside with your family. You can undertake a hardscaping project and create a backyard that everyone will love. A well-done hardscape provides the perfect setting for summer barbecues and get-togethers. Keep the following in mind when planning your hardscaping project.

Create Structure and Privacy
Creating a sense of structure in your backyard should be a priority when undertaking a hardscaping project. If you already have a deck or patio, spruce it up with a new coat of paint or stain. Repair any damage so that you can get the most out of your deck this summer. If you don’t have a deck or patio, get busy building one. A variety of great composite materials make deck building easy and worry-free.

For that extra touch of privacy, build a fence around your backyard. In addition to providing privacy, a fence can ease the mind of any parent who is worried about his or her child wandering away from the yard. Remember to talk with your neighbors before you install a fence. You should be sure that you are building only on your own property.

You may also wish to build a tool shed that can double as a storage space for your patio furniture during inclement weather. If you have a shed that you don’t use, consider turning it into a playhouse for kids. Almost all children love having a cool playhouse in their backyards. Involve the kids in painting the exterior of the shed and choosing decorations for the inside. Repair all windows and make sure to remove any dangerous tools.

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Create the Feel of Home
A great hardscaping plan serves as an extension of your home. As such, you want the area to feel like home. Consider installing a gazebo or a beautiful zen garden to boost the relaxation potential of your backyard. You may even want to install a water fountain or a pond with small fish.

Don’t forget that every great backyard needs a heavy-duty grill. Make the most of your hardscaping efforts by inviting friends over for a celebratory barbecue. Remember to take measurements before buying a grill. You may wish to pour a cement pad so that you have firm ground on which to place your grill.

The key to a successful hardscaping project is great planning. Before you break dirt, be sure to carefully consider your existing landscaping. Get the whole family involved in choosing a focal point for the backyard. Remember that your yard will look best if it is balanced and uncluttered.

Be sure to make plans for a drainage system if you don’t already have one. Keep plenty of greenery in your hardscaping plan to retain that classic backyard feel. Of course, it always pays to buy great materials, prepare a site thoroughly and hire professionals to handle jobs that you aren’t prepared to tackle. Don’t get bogged down with boring projects whether it be window repair in New York or appliance replacement in California. Choose a fun, family-friendly hardscaping project this summer instead.

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