How To Hire The Right Tree Service

Tree Service can include applications for tree permits, trimming of overgrown or disease affected trees, transportation of trees to a new location, tree preservation, tree care and frequent clean ups after a storm. Tree services can range from commercial and residential to municipal. Whether you are a company starting a new project, which requires moving or cutting of trees or the tree in your front yard needs pruning, here are a few guidelines to hire the right tree service.

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Primarily, be an educated tree service consumer. Knowing what sort of tree service you require can help save extra costs. What is the kind of tree service you actually require?  In addition, what level of tree service is required? What does it mean by properly prune a tree? What are the rules for moving trees to a new location? You should be able to differentiate between crown trimming, crown elevation and similar terms.

Locate your local tree service in Las Vegas provider through phone books. Yellow Pages list tree services companies and sometimes, individual arborists. You should ask them a few questions. First, request them to come down, look at your tree or trees, and then draw up a free cost estimate. Find out if their tree service is insured, which means that in case of an emergency or physical injury to a worker, you will not be held liable. It should also cover damage to your property. Then ask for a hard copy of the liability insurance papers for you to read. If you do not understand their clauses, ask an agent at the insurance company to verify that the laws are being upheld. Finally, ask for their latest Workers’ Compensation Coverage papers, which will explain the liability laws better.

If you seem satisfied by their cost estimates for the job, find out if the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) or the Tree Care Industry Association certifies the arborist assigned to you. A certified arborist will be responsible and will understand the safety and hazard issues. Ask to see a certification card that is issued to all certifiedarborists. If everything is sound, ask the company to draw up a contract. Read the contract carefully before signing it.

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Oversee the tree service job yourself and insist that arborist uses a rope or hydraulic lift to reach higher branches. If they are climbing trunks and branches to reach up, there will be injury risks. Ensure that they use ropes to bring down cut off branches to avoid damage to cars, fences and telephone cables.

Often companies will ask for an advance payment for their tree service. Do not be fooled by such companies. You should pay once the job is complete according to your specifications.

When hiring a Tree service Las Vegas, ensure that ISA certifies the company and its arborists. Always request a free cost estimate. Read their liability insurance papers and Workers’ Compensation insurance papers. Call up their insurance company to ensure laws are being followed. Most importantly, be an educated consumer.


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