How To Host A Party For Yourself While Social Distancing

How To Host A Party For Yourself While Social Distancing

COVID-19 has changed pretty much all aspects of our lives, including how we celebrate special occasions. Fortunately, human beings are creative and resilient. Many people have figured out how to hold a good celebration, despite being under some strict social distancing measures. If you have a birthday coming up, here are a few ways you can include your besties in your celebration while still remaining safe and healthy.

How To Host A Party For Yourself While Social Distancing

Do a Drive-By

If you can’t visit your friends in person on your special day, consider doing a drive-by. You certainly can use your car for this, but a more intimate way of doing this is to do the drive-by on your bike. It gets you out for some exercise and allows you to chat with friends, all while standing six feet away, of course. Be sure to add some streamers to your bike for good measure.

Cocktail Recipe Exchanges

Many a liquor store is still open during the pandemic, making frilly cocktail recipes to share more than possible. They’re practically a requirement, given how stressful this time of social distancing has been. While you may not be able to toast to some bubbly in person, you can certainly share some cocktail and drink recipe ideas with friends over email or Zoom. Ask everyone to contribute a recipe card with their favorite drink written on it and post those to a Facebook page that you sent up for the big event.

Brunch on Zoom

Zoom has made face-to-face meet up during COVID more than possible. It has preserved both classrooms and friendships. Why not take advantage of this platform and host a tea party or brunch for your friends. Ask everyone to meet at a certain time and bring their favorite celebratory foods and beverages. Meet up for an hour or two, eat, chat, and get caught up. It’s a birthday celebration you aren’t likely to forget anytime soon.

Picnicking With Lots of Space

If you really must hang out with friends, then why not plan a picnic with a social distancing twist? Invite your best pals to come to a picnic in the park (provided your parks are open). Tell them to bring their blankets and goodies. Be sure to position your blankets six feet apart. This distance allows you to stay safe and yet visit, too.

The Coronavirus doesn’t have to put the kibosh on your birthday plans if you do a bit of planning. Birthdays can be celebrated via Facebook or Zoom or even in the park if proper social distancing measures are put into place. While these take a bit more effort, they are worth it. They bring good memories to a time that has been stressful and uncertain for most people. In the end, the memories you have of this particular birthday could be the most special of all.

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