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No matter where you live, the summer months can get very hot at times. Because of the high temperatures, your utility bill can begin to suffer. Fortunately, there are a few ways that you can keep your home cool without emptying your wallet each month.

How to Keep Your House Cool in the Summer without Increasing Your Utility Bill

Covers on the Windows

Close the blinds on all of the windows to block out the sun. Keep the curtains drawn as well so that sunlight doesn’t enter the home. When windows are left exposed to the sun and the light filters into the home, then it can raise the temperature by several degrees, especially in the summer.


Keep your air conditioning unit maintained each year through a company like Universal Refrigeration. You can hire a company to come to your home to change the filter, check the airways in the home, and ensure that the temperature controls are working as they should. It’s best to maintain the system in the winter or in the spring before it gets hot in case there are any issues that need to be addressed or repaired.

Close off Rooms

Any rooms that aren’t used during the day or in the evening can be closed off so that air doesn’t reach them. This will then force the air to other locations in the home where you spend more time. As the home begins to cool, then the air conditioning unit won’t run as often since you’re not cooling as much of the house as before. Take advantage of the cooler nights by opening the windows and letting fresh air circulate through the home, keeping the air conditioning off as much as possible.

Change the Sheets

Instead of sheets that are made from materials that can get hot at night while you’re sleeping, change them to ones that are made with cooler fabrics. Avoid flannel in the summer months because you will probably feel hotter at night. Cotton is a good fabric to consider when you’re looking for new sheets as air can circulate a bit easier through the material, allowing the fabric to stay cooler at night.

Focus on Your Body

Try to cool your body instead of your house. Drink cold water during the day. Use cooling towels on your neck or on your hands and wrists. Wear clothing that doesn’t cling to your body and that doesn’t trap heat.

A cooler home is achievable in the summer without spending a lot of money on your utility bill. Think about the windows of your home and where the sun shines into your house, keeping the sun from making as much contact as possible. Use items in the home that can keep you cool instead of using the air conditioner when possible.