How To Live The VIP Lifestyle On The Cheap

How To Live The VIP Lifestyle On The Cheap

With people winning £148 million on the Euromillions lottery and shows like X-factor giving hope to anyone who’s ever sung in the shower; dreams of fame, fortune and a VIP lifestyle are pretty much the norm these days.

Jessie J insists it’s not about the money, money, money but then she would wouldn‘t she, she’s got stacks of the stuff! But what about us poor monkeys with barely two pennies to rub together, how are we going to find our place in the sun?

Well, my thrifty friends, help is at hand. Not only have I devised a number of ways to help you live like a very important person, but I’ve also done it on a budget. So, sit back on your chaise lounge or by your indoor swimming pool and check out how you can live like a VIP, for practically free.

Going on holiday is pretty much what superstars like Adele and JLS do every day of the week. And, if you’re going to keep up then making sure you get in at least one luxury break per year is what you’ll need to do to be considered a VIP. Quality over quantity is the key. And, instead of taking lots of little breaks where you’re shelling out for a hotel here or a villa there, the best idea is to invest in tailor made holidays where your every need is catered for and you’ll be on an itinerary that is designed just for you. After you’ve enjoyed your break in the sun, save up your photographs and then use them throughout the year on social media sites such as Facebook. Instead of publishing them in one go, spread them out so people think you’re living the life of a superstar every month.

All mega stars and lottery winners know how to travel and from stretch limos to elongated Smart cars no self-respecting VIP is going to go out in public without their chauffer. To get your own driver on the cheap the best idea is to either ask an elderly relative or get together with a group of mates in a car pool. Retired family members are often at their wit’s end finding things to do once they’ve left work and don’t be surprised when they eagerly accept your proposal or even offer to pay for petrol. Car pools to sports events or nights out are a great idea so each member of your team or group get to lord it up in the back of a chauffeur driven car. All you have to do is make sure you’re in the back seat after everyone else has got out.

Slap up meals in fancy restaurants are par for the course for VIPs and you can guarantee that those Euro lottery winners from Suffolk haven’t touched a pot or pan since the first time that they shouted ‘Oh my god, it’s us!’ If you want to live like them then the best idea is to go to restaurants either at lunchtimes or during the late afternoon where you’ll find no end of special deals enticing the savvy savers out of the kitchen and into eateries. Sushi’s pretty posh too and can be cheap if you only have one saucer from the ever circulating conveyer belt. You’ll soon feel like a VIP as you’re eating raw fish from somewhere with an exotic sounding name. Also, only order tap water and never, never, tip.

The advice above will no doubt stand you in good stead on your eternal quest for a VIP lifestyle. The only thing that’s left to say is good luck and if at first you don’t succeed, blag it.

Biog: Nicola is all about the money, money, money but not so much about the kerching, kerching.

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