How To Make A Vinyl Floor Shine

Vinyl floors are commonly found in most homes, a stylish and durable option that many construction companies and homeowners prefer. Vinyl flooring is actually one of the best flooring options for a number of reasons, and besides its stylish look and durability, it is also one of the more affordable flooring choices, and there is a wide range of styles to choose from. Vinyl often goes overlooked as one of the best flooring types available, and whether you have had a vinyl floor for years or are just considering installing one now, caring properly for your vinyl floor is always important.

Cleaning a Vinyl Floor

To clean your vinyl floor and make it shine, start by sweeping over the surface area of the floor. This removes any loose dirt and debris before getting it wet, which would only create more of a mess. After sweeping the area and removing the loose dirt, go over the floor with a mop and a solution of water and floor cleaner. There are various different floor cleaning products or available, or stick with an all-natural version if you prefer. You can even whip up your own floor cleaning solution right at home.

Low-impact cleaning techniques typically work best on vinyl floors. Instead of using a heavy-duty cleaner, use the mildest method because vinyl usually cleans off easily, so the more complex methods are simply unnecessary. Always choose a cleaner that is specifically made for no-wax floors, to prevent creating a slippery surface which can be dangerous.

To make the floor shine, look for a cleaning product which creates a clear polyurethane coating on the floor. This is what makes the floor shine, without creating the stickiness or slippery feel as wax-based products can do. A few coats of this, let it dry, and your vinyl floor will shine for weeks.

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Maintenance and Care Tips

With proper maintenance and care in the future, you can prevent buildup on your vinyl floor, and help it last longer. Add doormats around the entryways of the room and get people to take their shoes off before walking over the floor. You may also want to add even a small-sized rug in a high traffic area to prevent dirt from gathering on the floor.

Once in a while, move the large appliances out of the way to clean the floor underneath, for the most thorough overall clean. The best idea is to move them and put them on a plywood path, to prevent scratching or scuffing the vinyl.

Vinyl floors offer many benefits, but only look their best when you take proper care of them. The cleaning process is quite minute compared to other flooring types, another benefit to the vinyl floors.

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