How To Make Quick Aesthetic Fixes To Your Family Minivan

How To Make Quick Aesthetic Fixes To Your Family Minivan

After years of driving around in your minivan, you’ll start to notice some aesthetic issues. From dingy hubcaps to scratches, dents and stains, you might feel as if your minivan is ready for the junkyard. You can make some quick repairs of these issues and feel proud of your minivan once again.

How To Make Quick Aesthetic Fixes To Your Family Minivan

Polishing the Hubcaps

After a few hundred miles of driving, or perhaps just a trip down the muddy driveway, your minivan’s hubcaps could be covered in dust, mud or road salt and oils. Begin by washing of the wheels, tires and hubcaps. Use a biodegradable detergent to remove oily and greasy residue. Use a polish formulated for use on metal and chrome. The polish will help the hubcaps to resist corrosion from road salt.

Fixing Body Dents

Small body dents are common in minivans. A small hailstone, a bump from a shopping cart or a running child’s elbow can leave small dings. Some companies, like Central Body Company, Inc., realize how simple it is to create small dents in a family car. Go to the grocery store and purchase a small amount of dry ice. If you do not already have thick gloves that can tolerate handling dry ice, pick up a pair of those too. Hold a piece of the dry ice with tongs or in your well-protected hands. Place the dry ice close to the dent, within a few millimeters of it. The dry ice should release the small dent. Repeat for every dent or until you run out of dry ice.

Correcting Paint Chips

Paint chips are another common issue with the exterior of minivans. Flying gravel, sand or someone’s car keys can chip or scratch the paint. If you notice a small chip in the paint, run your fingernail over it. If your fingernail doesn’t catch, you can fix it yourself. Use fine 2000-grit sandpaper to smooth the area. Apply rubbing compound with a soft cloth and rub until the scratch is gone.

Shampooing the Carpet and Floor Mats

Muddy shoes, dirty dog feet and leaky bags of groceries can leave a mess on your minivan’s floor and cargo area. Use a shop vac to remove dirt and debris. Rent a steam cleaner with upholstery attachment and shampoo the fabric surfaces of the minivan. This will remove stains and bad smells.

A few hours on the weekend is all you need to make these quick fixes. You can enjoy your improved minivan on your next trip of errands or on your vacation. These are also good actions to take before selling your minivan.

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