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A conservatory can be a beautiful architectural addition to a home, but many people who have conservatories and orangeries fail to make the best use of them. This article explores the function of conservatories in the modern home.

How To Make Use Of Conservatories And Orangeries

An Interior Garden

When most people think of conservatories they think of them as an interior space in which to grow different fruits, vegetables, flowers and plants. It is true that a conservatory is an ideal space in which to grow plants, some of which need a lot of care and attention but also for xerophytic plants such as cacti which need very little watering at all. It can also be an ideal place to grow herbs for cooking such as basil and oregano as well as different fruits such as grape vines and orange or lemon trees (providing you have the space). Plants are in fact a necessary part of a conservatory; they soak up a lot of the light intensity making it a warm and tropical feeling space, whilst naturally regulating the humidity levels which would otherwise dry out in a bare conservatory. Therefore it is always important to have plants in a conservatory but this does not mean they can’t be put to good effect for other functions.

A Dining Room

A conservatory is a great space to eat in as it is surrounded by natural light all year round. For well insulated and double glazed conservatories UK suppliers are generally the best, providing spaces which are always warm and happily serve as the main dining area or as an alternative to the dining room or kitchen. This works brilliantly if the conservatory is close to the kitchen as it is more practical to eat near the space of food production. Furthermore, it is a joy to open the doors from the conservatory to the garden when the temperature gets warm and enjoy a sense of alfresco yet with a roof over your head.

A Living Area

If the conservatory is too far from the kitchen or you don’t fancy eating in the conservatory regularly, it still makes a great room in which to relax and hang out. The natural light will prevent this from being a practical space in which to watch television, but some soft furnishings (which will become faded over time) and a coffee table can make the conservatory the ultimate chillout zone, in which to read and hang out with friends in the sunshine all year round.

A Games Room

Some of the most well used conservatories simply just have a ping pong, pool, table football table or a selection of board games inside, making it a great place for adults and young children to enjoy all year round.

Bespoke conservatories such as those available at Breckenridge Conservatories mean you can do almost anything you like to make the most of your conservatory space.

Alan Lennon has been a home improvements writer and private consultant and advisor for over fifteen years, specialising in how interior and architectural designs can compliment your lifestyle and add value to a property. Alan uses Breckenridge Conservatories when looking for the best quality and most interesting conservatory designs.