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Who has not dreamed of going away on a relaxing vacation that includes a luxurious, elegant hotel room that is designed to soothe and pamper? Imagine being able to bring that fantasy home to your own bedroom. Creating an atmosphere that matches that of a five-star hotel room suite at home is possible by choosing the right colors, furniture pieces, bedding, and room design.

Hotel Room Design


The most exquisite hotel rooms tend to have muted, neutral colors and tones that complement the furniture and create a sense of harmony and relaxation. From the paint on the walls to the upholstery and the down comforter, the color of the room matters. There are many colors that can be used to create the feeling of a luxury hotel room. However, it is best to avoid colors that are too bright and overpower everything else in the room. A soothing mocha shade, for example, can be used to complement wood furniture in dark tones.

Colors should also be chosen according to the size of the room. For a smaller room, using soft, lighter colors that will help give the impression of a larger space is best. Light green or blue for example, bring in light without being too bright. Darker warmer colors can be use used for larger rooms.


Window panels are also important to create the right look and evoke lavishness. The panels should continue the color scheme of the room and block out the light at the same time. Their fabric should be heavy so that they can prevent any light penetrating into the room and allow you to sleep longer without distraction, the way you would during a vacation. Extra-long window panels, about a foot or two longer than the length of the window, can pool at the foot of the window and add a touch of drama and elegance to the room.


A large comfortable bed that is inviting is the center piece of any hotel room. While it is not always possible or even necessary to replace the mattress, topping the mattress with a goose-down mattress topper can add a touch of extravagance to the room that will truly capture the hotel room experience.

The room itself should not be overcrowded with furniture. Choose functional pieces that have clean lines and position them in strategic places in the room so that there is a sense of open space. Night tables and other surfaces should always be kept free of clutter. Personal touches in the form of a framed photograph or a small clock can be added to the night stands as well as a modern looking vase with fresh flowers on top of a dresser. Adding a flat screen television is a personal decision, but if you are seeking true relaxation, the recommendation is to keep the television out of the bedroom.

If the room is large enough, you can create the look of a whole suite by adding a seating area with a couple of plush chairs and a table or a small loveseat. These should be upholstered in fabrics and colors that continue with the color scheme of the room so that everything is in harmony. You can place a large scented candle on top of the table and a cotton blanket on the chair or loveseat as accents.


This is one touch that should not be forgotten. Lighting is critical for creating the right mood. Lighting should be simple and convey a sense of elegance. Lamps can be placed on the night stands next to the bed. You can choose darker lampshades for a softer, muted light or white lampshades to provide brightness in the room. Metal lamps provide a sense of sophistication and neatness as do simple crystal lamps. You can even replace the fixtures with glass and metal light fixtures that continue the stylish look of the room.


Plush, sumptuous bedding is essential to bring home the mood and the look of your five-star dream hotel room. Choose high quality bed sheets that feel soft and soothing on the skin. One of my dad’s mottos concerning any type of purchase was, “Buy the best you can afford.”  Buying higher quality means you save money in the long run because higher quality items last longer.  If you have an adjustable bed, specialty sheets made for adjustable mattresses can be found online at boutique bedding shops like Cozytown Linens.

The sheets should be white or a cream tone, the same tones chosen by high-end hotels. Fitted sheets should be smooth and tight on the mattress. The flat sheet should be placed on top, making sure it is also completely smooth. Make sure that the flat sheet is tucked in tightly at the foot of the bed and the top is folded down about ten inches over the blanket or comforter.

Cover the bed in a goose-down or alternative goose-down comforter placed inside a lavish, beautiful duvet cover made from a high quality brushed cotton fabric. The color for the duvet cover should be complimentary to the furniture, the window treatments and the color chosen for the walls.

You can also choose to add extra bed pillows placed inside coordinating pillow shams to compliment the decor. For a truly personal touch, finish the look of the bed with decorative monogrammed throw pillows. These should be placed in front of your bed pillows to create a more visually appealing space on top of the bed.

Once the room is completed, you will look forward to returning home to bed every day. It will become a true escape from the woes and worries of everyday life, letting you hide and imagine that you are far, far away, enjoying a deluxe vacation. The only twist is that you will be able to do this every day, without leaving the comfort of your own home.

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