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Fragrant candles have been around for thousands of years. Their immense popularity is due, in part, to the fact that the aromas they give off can affect a person’s feelings and moods. Scented candles are often used to help people calm down or to just enjoy their surroundings, and this is especially true during certain holiday seasons that many people associate with certain scents. By using your favorite fragrance oils, you can make your own scented candles easily. Here is how:

What You Need Before You Start:

Before you can make your own scented candles, you will need to have some items. These include candle string, sharp scissors, a double boiler, muffin pan, wax for your candle, and fragrance oil of the scent you want. You can find these items online or get them at most hobby stores. However, you will probably have better luck buying your oils online as online vendors often carry a much larger inventory of scents.

 How To Make Your Own Fragrant Candles At Home and Save Money Doing So

Step By Step Fragrant Candle Making:

Start by cutting your candle wicks. Use the string you have and cut pieces that about 2 inches longer than the depth of the sections of your muffin pan. Set these aside for now.

Using your double boiler, heat some water and carefully melt your candle wax. It is important that you stir the wax as it melts to ensure you get a smooth consistency. Do not overheat or your wax may burn. If you want to add color to your wax, put in small bits of crayons or coloring that is specially-made for candle use.

Once you have the right color and consistency, add a small amount of your fragrance oil. Remember, scented oils are often very powerful. Add a small amount at first and then add more if you need to do so to get the level of scent you desire. A good starting level for most fragrant oils is 5 to 7 drops. Stir the oil into the mixture to ensure a good distribution.

At this point, you want to carefully dip the wicks into the melted wax and lay them aside. Now, you can pour your melted wax into the cups of your muffin pan. Carefully insert one wick in the center of each. Inserting the wicks must be done while the wax is still soft, so be ready to accomplish this task before you pour your wax into the pan.

It is always best to let your new, scented candles sit undisturbed overnight. This is the best way to get them to set properly. There is no need to put them in the refrigerator, just leave them alone for several hours and they will be fine. When they set, simply turn the pan over, tap it a few times, and your new candles will fall out.

It is easy to use candle fragrance when making your own candles. Why not give it a try yourself? You may be surprised at how much fun it is making your own scented candles.

Using candle fragrance, along with the steps listed here, is a fun and affordable way to make your own scented candles.