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When it comes to running a business, step one is getting potential customers in the door. While lots of owners focus on marketing and advertising campaigns, they often overlook the exterior layout and physical appearance of their stores. If you want people to enter your establishment, you need to make it easy and desirable to do so. Here’s how to create an appealing exterior that will increase the flow of customers into your store.

How to Make Your Retail Shop Exterior More Appealing to Potential Customers

Keep the Parking Lot in Tip-Top Condition

A crisp, neat, and tidy parking lot is key to making your business as attractive as possible. You might not be able to enlarge your parking area, but you can certainly maximize the appearance and utility of the space you have available. Repave the lot if cracks are making it look worn down, and invest in commercial parking lot striping to make sure each space is clearly delineated.

Get an “OPEN” Flag

“Open” flags are great for small businesses because they serve a dual purpose. Not only do they let customers know that you’re open and ready for business, but they also attract attention from the road. Just make sure you take the flag down at the end of every day. A misleading flag will only frustrate your customers.

Do Some General Landscaping

While you don’t need your business’s exterior to end up in “Better Homes And Gardens”, you need to make sure the space doesn’t look run down. Keeping gardens weeded and lawns mowed will make your storefront much more presentable. A lack of landscaping, on the other hand, could make customers wonder if you’re even still in business.

Keep the Building Freshly Painted

You want your business to look like it’s flourishing. While faded or peeling paint will give the appearance of disrepair, a nice, fresh paint job will tell customers that you’re taking the business seriously and expect to be serving them for years to come.

If Possible, Keep the Front Door Open

Nothing says “come one in” like an open front door. If the weather allows for it, consider keeping the door propped open as long as the store is operating. This will show customers that you’re open and give them a sneak peak at your excellent inventory.

A snazzy exterior boosts your store’s reputation and drives new customers through the door. Keep these tips in mind as your set out to make your storefront more appealing.