How To Market Your Business With Calendars

How To Market Your Business With Calendars

How to Market Your Business with Calendars
When business owners, big and small, organize their marketing campaigns, they often try to think of unique ways to reach customers. The best marketing techniques help business owners develop relationships with customers that last longer than the actual campaign. A useful tool for this type of campaign is a marketing calendar. Most busy people need a calendar to document upcoming events and things they simply can’t miss. These people would more than likely buy a calendar, so they are thankful to receive a calendar from your business for free.

Not only are people grateful for the calendars, but most people use the freebie in their home everyday. It helps them keep track of appointments, events, bill due dates and a variety of other things. However, it also is a constant reminder of the business that gave the customer the free calendar in the first place. Every time someone looks at your calendar, they are reminded of your business.

Information that Should Appear on a Business Calendar
To make sure businesses are using their company calendars to their advantage, they should include all vital business information on the outside or inside. This important information should include, but isn’t limited to, the business name, company logo, physical address, mailing address, phone numbers, fax number, email and company motto.

Business owners who want to make sure that their company calendar isn’t going to be misplaced, or thrown away, should include coupons or other offers in their calendar. For instance, coupons could be included on the front of back cover of the calendar, or could be placed on each month of the calendar, for use during that time period.

What Type of Pictures Should I Use in My Calendar
The type of pictures you use in a marketing calendar can differ due to your type of business. For instance, if you are a large business that customers, and potential customers are very aware of, you can use just about any type of pictures you would like. Flowers, scenery and lovable animals are all great options for generic marketing calendars.

However, if your business has a particular niche, or genre, it is a great idea to incorporate pictures that remind people of the business. For instance, a family-owned and operated pizzeria could incorporate pictures of the family working inside the pizza shop for different months of the year. The same pizza place could also feature a different type of pizza on every month of the calendar. Veterinarian offices could include dogs, cats and other common vet patients, and hair salons can feature different types of products, or services that they offer.

The key to marketing with calendars successfully is to offer a calendar that people want to keep in their homes and use. It’s the day to day interaction with the calendar that could lead to a potential new customer for the business. Business calendars can be ordered quickly online, and can be relatively inexpensive, so make sure you give them to as many people as possible when they arrive. Every free calendar could lead to exciting new experiences for your business.

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