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Businesses have come up with all sorts of promotions in order to attract financially hard hit customers. The airline industry in particular, is best known for its frequent flyer program. This is a program that allows flyers to rack up flyer miles and redeem them for rewards which can either be a plane ticket or any other specified reward. Frequent flyer programs have proven to be financially beneficial to many people, especially those who engage in frequent air travel.

Racking up flyer miles has become something of an art nowadays. As airlines become less and less generous with their rewards and tighten rules surrounding the promotions, it has become necessary to know of the best ways to increase flyer miles. Below are simple tips on how to maximize frequent flyer miles.

How To Maximize Frequent Flyer Miles

a) Know your Math

The most important thing about frequent flyer miles programs is to know what you are getting into. This means that you should be aware of the criteria used to calculate how many miles you rack up for a certain trip. Determine the value of one mile and then calculate how many miles you will accumulate for a certain air trip.

b) Do not Waste your Miles on Cheap Tickets

Before buying using your flyer miles to buy a plane ticket, check the value of the ticket. If you can easily afford it use cash and save your miles for more expensive plane tickets such as those for international flights.

c) Check the Card you are using

Some airlines offer better deals to holders of some cards. Before signing up for any reward program, do some research and find out which card offers the best chances of maximizing frequent flyer miles.

d) Take Advantage of Off-season Flights

Airline companies offer the most reward points for off-season flights when it is really hard to find flyers to fill all the seats. If possible, reserve your travelling for such times. Flying mid-week rather than during the weekend, also offers a good chance to maximize frequent flyer miles.

e) Keep Track of your Flyer Miles Online

With many airlines, you can check your flyer miles online. Regularly check them and track your flying habits. Keeping track of your flyer miles will help you know what to do in order to maximize them. Also check the inactivity time limit to ensure that your points do not expire.

f) Expand to Partner Companies

Do not limit your spending to one company only. Most airlines partner with a host of other businesses such as taxi companies or even other airlines. Sometimes, you can get more frequent flyer miles by spending on a certain affiliated company.

g) Keep Track of Airline Promotions

Airlines may at times offer promotions which can give you the chance to gain more points. For example a promotion may offer double the usual points when one flies business class.

If this sounds overwhelming to you, contact a trusted travel agent who can help you in accumulating frequent flyer miles and getting the best rewards for them.