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Storage units are a lifesaver when your place is overflowing with stuff. They’re a great short-term investment when you’re preparing for a move. Storage units are also beneficial during a home sale when need things out of the way for staging.

Got a lot of stuff? It’s very likely that you’ll join the millions using self-storage!

How To Pack A Storage Unit: The Method Behind The Madness

Learning how to pack a storage unit is a handy skill. With a bit of know-how and finesse, you can maximize the space for all your stuff. This article shares some of the best tips and tricks to maximize storage space.

Start With a Basic “Inventory” List

The worst thing you can do when packing a storage unit is to toss stuff in willy-nilly. Doing so guarantees that you’re not making the most of your space. It also becomes a chore to dig through — likely leading you to neglect the unit!

Start with a ‘rough’ list of what’s going into the unit.

The list doesn’t have to be everything but it should touch on the main items. This also prevents you from putting stuff in the unit that probably shouldn’t be there such as ultra-delicate items. Lastly, you’ll have an inventory so you’re not having to run back and forth, to the unit, checking to see what’s in there.

Use Boxes/Totes for Uniformed Stacking and Storage

Much like moving, it’s easier to maximize space when it’s all in boxes or totes because of uniformity.

Treat the storage like building blocks:

  • Heavier, larger boxes go on the bottom
  • Medium-sized boxes in the middle
  • Small boxes on the very top

You can use the sizing to divide your stuff, too, such as placing delicates in those smaller boxes/totes. You’re always welcome to put boxes within boxes for added organization. Or, go with clear totes so you can quickly scan and see where everything is in the stack.

Create Aisles and Access Points

You don’t want to pack ALL of the storage space otherwise you can’t access your stuff!

A good practice is to create a central aisle through the boxes. Or, set up a T-shape layout so you can get to the way back. These two layouts let you get to stuff without hauling tons of stuff out. The layouts also let you set up small “zones” for similar item types, making it easier to maintain as you add/remove stuff.

Use Adaptive Storage Solutions

Your need for more storage space may grow as you accumulate more stuff. When this happens, you’ll want to be at a facility that offers options and adapts to your needs.

Inner City Moving & Storage Company, for example, has several storage unit sizes on location and helps with getting items packed. Look for storage companies in your area so that it’s a one-and-done affair and not something you’re moving every few years. This will eliminate frustration and have you less rushed, slinging stuff in a unit to simply get it in there.

Need More Help With How to Pack a Storage Unit?

Learning how to pack a storage unit could save people millions of dollars every year. By maximizing a storage unit, you won’t need to upgrade and pay higher monthly fees.


What if you’re still having trouble wrapping your head around these concepts? Mix in organizational skills and decluttering solutions!

These skills, combined with tips on packing a storage unit, will make the most of your unit. So, dig around the site and find the tips, tutorials, and insights that’ll make you a master of maximizing spaces.