How To Patch A Transmission?

How To Patch A Transmission?

How to patch a transmission?

There was a time where I did not know what a transmission was and how it looked like, I used to get cars straight from the dealer and if anything seemed even close to being wrong with it, I would send it off immediately back to a mechanic and just write out the cheque to their name. After discussing with some friends I realized that I may have lost a lot of money because of this and that it may be time to “smarten” up. Here is what I learned, some questions that I had and decent answers I got from mechanic friends and whatnot.

Couple things to know

A manual transmission and an automatic transmission are two completely different things. At least I think so, an expert can tell you how similar they are, and I disagree completely. They both accomplish the same thing but in two ways that are completely different. The best way in my opinion to patch a transmission is three simple steps and all you need is tin and a cold weld compound which you can buy at a hardware store.

  1. Clean around the hole: Do not do a half job on this, it is important. IF you do not clean it properly it will not stay and work properly and you will be forced to have to fix it again sooner than you would like to.
  2. Put a piece of tin over the hole that covers it, without too much excess. The size of the tin will be dependent on the size of the hole.
  3. Take “JB Weld” it is a cold weld compound. It is supposed to be the best product on the market. You can buy it at most hardware stores. If they do not have that particular one, you can try out another cold weld compound that should be able to do the same thing or something similar.

If you are really unsure of wheat you are doing, call your mechanic. If you do not have a mechanic, get a mechanic. Go onto whatever search engine you choose to use, and type in mechanics or transmission repairs and add your town or city after that and see what comes up. If you will stress out about this job than maybe it will be better for you to just hire a mechanic. I called and they helped me out. Some mechanics will even teach you how to, so next time you can do it yourself without going through the hassle of coming to them. Good luck!

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